By Brian Jennings – Professional soccer players choose soccer cleats for a variety of reasons: lightweight, protection, flashy colors….the list varies for each.  The Colorado Rapids Marvell Wynne has found that his preference is for the Kangaroo leather Diadora Evoluzione.

After coming into MLS as part of Generation Adidas, the defender took his agent up on a suggestion that led him to the Evoluzione K Pro GX 14 from Diadora for the comfortable fit on his feet.

“My agent brought them to my attention and said, ‘would you be interested?’ and I said yeah, let me try them out and see how they fit.  Right away they just molded to my foot,” Wynne told 365.WorldSoccerShop.com.

The boot from Diadora features an upper constructed from Kangaroo leather, something that Wynne has taken a liking to after years in other boots.

“I’ll be honest I really like this leather,” admits Marvell.  “It’s all-natural Kangaroo leather.  I was wearing size 11, 11.5 and in these I’ve gone down to a 10.5 and they stretch and fit so well it’s almost like a sock.  These fit like a glove.”

As far as breaking in a new pair, Wynne doesn’t have to do too many crazy things to get them comfortable right away, unlike some players he knows in that “some people put them in heating pads, a lot of people take out the insoles and take a couple showers with them, they walk around the house in cleats-I know some wives aren’t happy with that-if you have studs I really hope you’re not doing that.”

Get in the Gear of Wynne

Wynne, a quiet but thoughtful guy off the pitch, admits he’s never been one for flashy colors and prefers the simple black boot with a hint of colored logo.

“I do like them black and keeping it very simple.  That’s how I am in everyday life.  You won’t see me going around peacocking but I do like my boots simple.  If I do venture off into other colors I will go as bright as white.”

“I’m not trying to stick out too much.  I’m not a very flashy player so my feet aren’t gonna be getting attention.”

However, his speed makes him stick out especially to attackers trying to get past him or beat him to a through ball.  Marvell is willing to go for comfort over weight in his boot and insists that a few more ounces are not worth cramped up toes after a match.

“These are light, but I don’t necessarily think, ‘these are lighter ones’.  If boots are what’s slowing me down then I’ve got to go to the gym-I’ve got bigger issues,” he says with a laugh.

Other technology included in the Evoluzione K Pro GX 14 is the NET breathing system in the insole, and the Double Action2 shock absorption in the heel and forefoot area.

As for how many pairs of Evoluziones he may go through in a season, Wynne has a system that works through the pairs in stages.

“I keep my boots around for a while.  It’s kind of a process.  I have boots that I train in every day then typically the day before the game and on gameday I wear the gameday boots.”

“I have to break them in a little bit, so the gameday ones last half the year or so, and the training boots I just go through.  After that, we have a box in the locker room that all the boots you don’t use anymore they take it off to whoever may need them.”

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