World Soccer Shop recently teamed up with Lucas Jubb from @minimalfootballkits to create the 2018 Federation Jersey Sticker Pack. This awesome collection allows you to share some of your favorite World Cup Kits as digital stickers and can be downloaded here on iTunes.

Soccer365 had the opportunity to interview Lucas to learn a little more about himself and his involvement in the soccer community.


World Soccer Shop x Lucas Jubb: 2018 National Kit Sticker Pack


Where did you grow up? How were you first introduced to graphic design?

“I grew up in Bradford, a city in Yorkshire, England. It’s kind of a weird mix of a Victorian industrial city and picturesque Yorkshire countryside. I think my endless hours of Nintendo and Nickelodeon is what lead to me to graphic design. I used to lay out a local music ‘zine in Microsoft publisher when I was like 16. Eventually I discovered Adobe Photoshop and Indesign and it grew from there. I moved on to gig posters for my own events, CD covers for bands and eventually logo designs for like, £30.”


How did the opportunity come about with World Soccer Shop?

“I started drawing football kits a few years ago and I’ve been posting them here and there. World Soccer Shop saw them and asked for me to illustrate the whole 2018 world cup roster.”


What relationship do you have with the sport of soccer? Who is your favorite team to support?

“I used to watch the Premier league from around 99-03 every week because of my brother and his friends. My dad came up with a way for us to place bets using chocolate bars, it made games like Charlton Athletic v Aston Villa a little more interesting. I slowly lost interest, but my brother is a soccer coach now in California now.”

“My team was always Leeds United, my dad convinced me to support them because it was the team he followed when he was a kid. I saw them play a few times when they were in their prime.”


World Soccer Shop x Lucas Jubb: 2018 National Kit Sticker Pack


What is your favorite kit of the 2018 Russia World Cup?

“I actually really like the Australia kit. The Argentina kit is nice too, its classic but the pixelated detail in the stripes is a nice touch. Oh yeah and Mexico. Sponsors seem to be really conscious of their kits this year, and seem to have a good understanding of the audience. That’s how you’ve ended up with some of the re-booted retro kits, and awesome kits like the Nigeria one. It’s a great collection overall.”


What have been some of your favorite projects/clients to work with?

“Nickelodeon is a stand out one, I used to watch it for hours and hours after school. To eventually end up working with some of those characters was awesome. We worked on the style guide for when Nickelodeon re-launched the Splat so all those hours of watching shows like Hey Arnold, Wild Thornberries, Rugrats etc finally paid off.”

“I really want to work on something for Nintendo next and go full circle.”


How would you like to continue to work in the soccer scene in the upcoming years?

“I’m going to keep illustrating kits. I have a designated Instagram page for them all, and we have hundreds lined up. I’m also launching a small design studio with a handful of other designers and we have a few soccer themed projects in the pipeline so keep an eye out for those. @turtleandharestudio @minimalfootballkits on Instagram!”


Make sure to get your exclusive 2018 National Kit Sticker Pack here on iTunes.