World Soccer Shop has made a collaboration with the GauchoWorld. The London-based collective is a talent hub who contribute by highlighting individuals in the world of fashion, music, sport and culture. This collaboration features the jerseys and jackets from several clubs from this season’s Premier League on the streets.

Our focus will be on two dynamic and multi-talented members from the collective.

Fabio Nunes is a talented footballer and the founder of 24 London, a fashion brand. The brand dons the phrase ‘zombie living’, exemplifying that until you’ve accomplished what you set out to do within the 24 hours of a day, you should be awake, like a zombie. “We all have the same 24 hours” is the tagline for the fashion line. Here, he’s in the classy 2018/19 West Ham Umbro home jersey.

Nunes was playing for Tootham & Mitcham FC when midway through the 2015/16 season, he suffered a severe injury that would take him out of the game for a significant amount of time, with surgery and rehabilitation needed. Faced with the reality of not being able to play for a while, he invested in 24 London. His tireless work ethic on working on new designs and creating content was rewarded when Nike offered the 21-year-old west Londoner a chance to collaborate to produce a limited football shirt. The future is bright as Nunes continues to create new designs for the budding line.

Wearing the adidas 2018/19 Manchester United home jersey, 21-year-old rapper and musician Weyland McKenzie was born and raised in Stoke Newington, London. McKenzie plans to cut through the current climate of the UK music scene with his intricate and poetic wordplay over.

In Weyland’s words, Stoke Newington is not north enough to be considered North London and not east enough to be from East London, and is seen as a gray area, overlooked in a multicultural London filled with many distinct traits, but can come together as one. McKenzie is a part of the London creative collective ABOE (A Bit Of Everything), who this year alone have worked with ASOS, House of Vans and Shoreditch House on a number of events. He stands out on his own with his infectious single “TDM” from his upcoming EP Northeast.

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