World Soccer Shop and Soccer365 have teamed up with 10 up and coming social media influencers in the soccer scene. From World Cup Jerseys to brand new footwear, these 10 influencers will be capturing unique content throughout the year. You can learn a little more about each of them below and shop their exclusive look here on World Soccer Shop.


World Soccer Shop Influencer Series

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Jordan Collins

Jordan has always been a man on a mission of excellence. Chasing his passions across the world with a camera by his side and a ball on his foot. Jordan is a strong presence for the face of World Soccer Shop as he reps their apparel in social media posts. On the side, Jordan uses his talents in soccer to coach Colorado youth clubs bringing creativity to the pitch. Definitely a top quality player to keep an eye on, on and off the pitch. Check him out on social media at @cordanjollins.

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Mo Ali

Mo Ali has played soccer his whole life growing up in a non-soccer cultured community then moved to Canada where he strongly pursued his career to go pro. Mo always had a passion for showing creativity with a ball at his foot and sharing it with others. This passion led him to start making creative soccer skills training sessions to connect athletes with fun training exercises in exotic locations around the world. You can view these awesome videos at @lifeofmoali on social media.

Nancy Avesyan

Nancy is a class act. With an extensive career in football, she knows how to light up a pitch. She aspires to use her talent to train other athletes and share her knowledge to help them reach their personal goals. With a strong social media presence you can check her out at @NancyFancy.

Khris Garay

Khris has always had a passion for soccer and sees the sport being a form of art. This mix of soccer and photography has given his followers some amazing imagery. Based out of Los Angeles, California his social media accounts shed light on the teams that bring this city to life. You can follow his journey and check out his photos at @i_amkhris.

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A post shared by K H R I S (@i_amkhris) on

Justin Sanchez

Justin is a motivated athlete that knows the grind. By the time he was a teenager, he brought the sport of soccer to his community by getting people involved. The life lessons he learned from creating a community that recognized soccer was life changing. Justin finds that soccer is a language that unites us all. Check him out on social media at @justinsofresh.

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A post shared by ©JUSTINDIDIT (@justinsofresh) on

Diana Shammari

Diana has used soccer as a way to escape life’s harsh moments. With her creative mind she wants to bridge the gap between athletes and give opportunities to express themselves. Diana is an influencer in the soccer culture, creating change in the game through projects like floral printed jerseys, which opens the market to people who want to step outside the box. Check out her floral printed jerseys and social media at @thefootballgal.

Sebastian Ramirez

Sebastian is a Colombian photographer who grew up in Brooklyn, New York with an eye for football. Growing up playing and following the sport he has used his passions for photography to capture the soccer culture in his hometown. Sebastian captures moments that last a lifetime on and off the pitch, from fans, to freestylers, and to players who have dedicated their lives to their careers. This passion for soccer is presented through his social media presence, you can check him out at @Sebasbk.

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Denise Jones

Denise is a media personality that brings light to the soccer culture. With a long career in live television and radio broadcasting, she has been the voice for many brands and pop culture. With extended knowledge in marketing and her online presence, she has been a consultant for brands in the sporting industry and has a passion for paving the way for women in the entertainment industry. Check her out on social media @Youknowdenise.

Chelsea Braun

Chelsea is a top competitor in the soccer world on and off the pitch. With a strong presence in the Los Angeles soccer community, she has helped start programs for youth girls to play at a competitive and recreational level. Chelsea puts her passions into action as she looks to give the underserved girls of Los Angeles a place to play soccer, break the pay-to-play system, and unequal play between genders. Her goal is to stand up for underserved communities with her line “The time is now”. Check her out on social media at @Chelswhatelse.

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Trisikh Sanguanbun

Trisikh is a influential part of changing the way soccer is played. As a dedicated business man, he helps consult and advise tech start-ups when he is not out on the pitch. Trisikh is the co-founder of an app called, Turfmapp, which is geared to help soccer players at the competitive and recreational levels find locations and set up game times to play with each other. With his growing brand and social influence he is definitely one to follow through social media at @Ts_xiv.

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