The Brazuca, the official adidas ball for the 2014 World Cup, was unveiled today.  It marks the first time that the official ball of the World Cup was named by the fans and won the fan vote with a 77.8% approval rating.


The ball immediately shouts out Brazil!  The bold white/night blue/multicolor colorway is the most colorful ball ever designed for a World Cup.  It has a different feel from the Jabulani from 4-years ago.  The outside of the ball is textured but with an almost fabric feel to the ridges on the outer skin.


The design is new as well.  For the first time, a new panel design will be used to give faster flight speed and with true roundness will have an accurate flight.  The ball is made from 6 polyurethane panels that are bonded to maintain a consistent feel in any weather condition.

The bladder is made of latex to keep the desired shape and consistent rebound throughout a match.


What do you think about the Brazuca?  Is it a better design than the Jabulani?  Will you have one to use on your local soccer field?  Talk about the Brazuca on Soccer365’s facebook page.

Get in the Game.  The World Soccer Shop has the official Brazuca soccer ball.brazuca_poststory