Indoor soccer enthusiast know the benefits of a good pair of indoor soccer shoes but many outdoor players who hit the courts during winter months just pull on any light colored sole shoe with the belief they are ready.

Soccer365 takes a look at the benefits of indoor soccer shoes and why they are worth the investment even for the casual indoor soccer player.

Indoor soccer and the hard surfaces common for the small-sided games put unique stress on the foot. Indoor soccer shoes take some of the latest technologies of outdoor cleats and fine tune them with the details required for the game.

The upper is designed to be lightweight, flexible, and breathable. They usually feature some additional material on the toe box where the upper joins with the outsole and strong stitching to stand up to the added stress of the quick stops and starts.

The outsole, however, is the most important aspect of the indoor shoe. A flat outsole with low profile is used to keep the player’s foot close to the ground and to keep it from rolling when cutting or controlling the ball. The outsole is made from a gum rubber material with a textured bottom to improve traction both on the court and the ball.

The right equipment is critical with any endeavor and getting the right indoor shoe is no different. And the best part about investing in an indoor shoe is that once the indoor season is over they can also cross over as a lifestyle shoe.

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