Eagle-eyed fans of La Liga may have noticed Atletico Madrid players were sporting what looked like a white patch of material on the back of their socks in their game against Espanyol. So what is this mysterious addition to their apparel?
It is in fact part of an elastic strap designed to be worn around the leg, made by a company called Sockatyes. Atleti are one of 13 clubs who have signed a deal with the company, as well as 11 clubs from Liga Adelante.
Sockatyes claim that their product is proven to assist blood circulation in the leg, and may help prevent injuries and cramp. The elastic strap expands as the calf muscle warms up and increases in size during a game.

The tab also offers clubs another way to increase their revenue streams, as they could sell the space to sponsors. The tab is certainly eye-catching and sponsors are sure to jump at the chance to get their logo on the kit. If the La Liga clubs find Sockatyes to be a success, we may soon see them adopted in other major leagues around the world.