The name Parley for the Oceans or Parley for short has been rolling off the tongues of soccer fans recently with the organization partnering with adidas to make limited edition soccer jerseys for Bayern Munich and Real Madrid as well as a limited edition UltraBoost Uncaged runner.

The final words of some fans of the beautiful game is: What is Parley? And Soccer365 wanted to take a moment to answer that question as well as point readers to how they can sign up to win some of this cool gear from adidas.

Parley, according to their founder Cyrill Gutsch, is focused on making people understand the beauty and fragility of the oceans and to inspire people to find a solution to eliminate plastics. He calls plastics a ‘design failure’ and one of the many threats to the oceans.

The organization was founded almost by happenstance when Gutsch met environmentalist Paul Watson in 2012. Their discussion and upon learning the dire situation of the oceans was the inspiration for Gutsch to switch the focus of his successful design company to an environmental organization.


Parley for the Oceans works to eliminate plastics


“I converted from a design company to an environmental organisation pretty much overnight,” he told De Zeen. “My partners and I decided that we were going to stop what we do, and now fight for the sea and create a new form of an environmental organisation.”

The A.I.R. Strategy is their current initiative to step-by-step clean the oceans of plastic and ultimately remove plastics from our daily lives. The strategy promotes: AVOID plastic where possible, INTERCEPT plastic waste, and REDESIGN the plastic economy.



adidas was the first major partner of Parley for the Oceans coming on board in 2015.

“Out of over 500 brands who wanted to work with us so far, we chose Adidas to be our founding partner at Parley. You need this one player in each segment in each category who redefines the rules, and we think Adidas is the one for us.”

Learn more about the program on the official Parley website