With over a month to go until the return of the Premier League, we take a look at the 2016/17 away kit for West Bromwich Albion. The Baggies, whose jerseys and kits are supplied by adidas, have a fresh new away jersey on tap for a rigorous campaign ahead.


This clash jersey features the contrasting color scheme of black and light blue. A crew neck collar at the top has light blue trim. The jersey itself features light blue pinstripes in front. The chest has a white adidas logo and a white monochrome Albion badge.


The shoulders feature the three stripes in light blue over a mesh panel. The full kit also features black with light blue trim on the shorts and socks. UK-K8 is the newest shirt sponsor for WBA, as a smart black and light blue version of logo conforms well to the jersey.


The West Bromwich Albion 2016/17 away jersey will be available soon at World Soccer Shop.