Arsenal have a great fan base around the world.  Puma takes a look at some of the Gunners fans in Shanghai, China and looks at what makes them fans.



“We love seeing the support we have around the world, it’s very motivating for the players,” Olivier Giroud, who features in the film, said. “They follow us from a long way away in China and to us that is very inspiring. We hope to do well this season for all of our fans in every country.”

The series will continue with Puma looking at Arsenal fans in New York and London.

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“The support for Arsenal in other countries as well as England is always overwhelming,” Santi Cazorla said. “When we see the lengths people go to watch and support us, and the impact this has on their lives, it really inspires us to try and bring them more happiness. These films are a nice way to recognise the importance of the supporters, and to show their knowledge and passion is the same in every continent.”

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