Designed to help control the tempo of the game, the Gambler II makes improvement on the fit, traction and the technologies seen on the first rendition.

The most notable new feature is the new “stacks”on the forefoot. Designed to absorb ball the power of received passes, it actually consists of three separate control foam elements that naturally cushion. The Gambler’s Ace Plate on the instep, basically the boot’s pass pad, has been revised to be more ergonomic and provide greater grip. This allows for the generation of more power and spin.

Marouane Fellaini is expected to be the main Gambler man, and will be wearing the boot at the World Cup. Speaking about them he said: “I have been testing the new Gambler for quite a while now and ever since I wore the first prototype it was clear that this is an evolution in boot technology. I’ve been particularly impressed with how the design team have taken on board player feedback and applied it to develop a revolutionary control boot.

Distinctive features of the original Gambler such as the chequerboard “Tech Mesh”underneath the Warrior logo and the “Royal Flush”make a reappearance on the Gambler II and should all contribute the great comfort the brand say the boot will offer. As with the recently released Skreamer II, the Gambler II features Warrior’s Thorax Exo-Skeleton to provide greater protection throughout the foot and stability at the mid-foot.

The release colourway comes in an uncompromising red and white colourway that will go brilliantly with not only Manchester United’s, but Belgium’s kit and should really stand out on pitch. Considering that Warrior have nowhere near the amount of football boot experience that the likes of adidas, Puma and Nike have, the Gambler II is a very impressive offering. However, GM of Warrior Football, Richard Wright stressed that the company are still learning:

“Warrior’s goal is to deliver products which support our players to amplify their mesmeric skills as well as helping the rest of the footballing community to improve their game.

“We listened to key feedback from the players on the first edition of the boot and that learning became an integral part in the development and design process for the second incarnation of Gambler. We wanted to create a boot which keeps its original distinguishable features but delivered new ones to control and change the game.

The Gambler II is set to be debuted by Marouane Fellaini during Manchester United’s final match of the season against Southampton on Sunday, providing of course that the Belgian makes it onto the pitch. What do you think about the new Gambler from Warrior? Leave your comments in the section below!