SuperHeat 2014-15

Taken to be the boot of speed by Warrior Sports, the SuperHeat model has leather made ​​with Tri-Fusion technology, which ensures unparalleled speed and touch, no matter what the weather condition.

Warrior-Superheat-Black-White-Red (2)

The colorway for this new cleat is Black/Grey/Red. The front of the boot is mainly grey with red trim, and the back is black with red trim. Further red can be found on the laces, the inside of the boot and the studs.

Warrior-Superheat-Black-White-Red (4)

The boot consists of three layers of materials that provide resistance to water absorption, and better support the players’ touch. The layer made with Neoweb technology molds to the foot, ensuring freedom of movement, comfort and breathability, aided further by the mesh construction.

Warrior-Superheat-Black-White-Red (5)

The NanoCradle layer below it supports the foot and agility movements, and is made with a lightweight material. The third OrganiTouch layer offers great touch on the ball.

Warrior-Superheat-Black-White-Red (6)

The tongue of the boot is also built with the Tri-fusion system. The sole features 13 longitudinal red locks for added traction and acceleration.

Gambler 2014-15

Warrior-Gambler-Hi-Viz-Boot-Colorway (5)

The new Warrior Gambler 2 S-Lite model uses leather made ​​with the threefold technology that makes the boot lighter than the previous model, keeps the mesh panels with the WildCard technology, and the ControlFoam technology improves ball cushioning and comfort to the foot.

Warrior-Gambler-Hi-Viz-Boot-Colorway (3)

The new Gambler model has adopted a high visibility Yellow/Blue/Black colorway. The primary color is yellow, with light blue laces and black applications. The outsole of the cleat is white, with light blue studs.

Warrior-Gambler-Hi-Viz-Boot-Colorway (2)

The element of control located inside the leather called Ace Plate is more ergonomic, providing immediate control of the ball and giving the player crucial extra seconds on the field. The Heel Shield Safe House innovation provides the fit and stability necessary for you to have your opponents where they belong: behind you!

Warrior-Gambler-Hi-Viz-Boot-Colorway (1)

The interior of the leather has been given added comfort, while the 4D Carpet technology provides comfort and unparalleled cushioning. The Gambler line is ideal for players who want a lightweight boot with a great aesthetic appeal and aggressive technology.

Skreamer 2014-15

Warrior Skreamer 2 S-Lite white-orange-grey-black 1 (2)

The second colorway for the new Skreamer 2 S-Lite is White/Orange/Grey/Black and will soon be worn by Manchester City and Belgium defender Vincent Kompany. The primary color is white, with an exciting mesh pattern that fades from the front to the back of the boot, first in grey then in black.

Warrior Skreamer 2 S-Lite white-orange-grey-black 1

The new Skreamer 2 S-Lite has a new ArrowHead Vamp technology, which delivers maximum power to shots and passes, without sacrificing the touch on the ball and the lightness of the boot.

Warrior Skreamer 2 S-Lite white-orange-grey-black 1 (3)

The comfort and fit are guaranteed with SkreamFree technology used in the interior construction of the boot. In the heel there are holes that allow for instant adjustment of the boot during games.

Warrior Skreamer 2 S-Lite white-orange-grey-black 1 (1)

The outsole is made with a resin specially developed by the manufacturer, with the insertion of a plate of carbon fibre for lightness and durability.