Today, during the Annual Mexican Soccer Meeting in Cancun, Mexico, the Liga Bancomer MX announced the match ball that will be used during the Apertura 2014 in both divisions and also the Copa MX. Get to know the new Voit Aspid:

Aspid is a certified and approved match ball by FIFA; it exceeds all of the characteristics and features a world-class soccer ball requires, which makes it one of the most advanced and technological balls in the world.

Voit’s Aspid features four layers of dynamic damping along with interior balance, which reduces any risk of deformation. One of Aspid’s best assets is that it maintains the initial strength during the impact.


Aspid has been built with the new GEOSMART 20 geometry and DR-FLUX technology, which consists in a special engraving in the outer layer designed so the ball has an outstanding performance in both turf and grass.

It’s design features five stripes in different shades of blue that meet in the middle where the Liga Bancomer MX and FIFA emblems are printed along with the brand’s logo.