adidas turned to the youthful and urban flair of street soccer as the inspiration to their line of Euro 2016 away soccer jerseys of Germany, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, and Russia. The jersey launches were part of the launch of the official Euro 2016 adidas Match Ball and the debut of the world’s first digital soccer stadium entitled FUTURE ARENA in Saint Denis, Paris last week.

Jurgen Rank, adidas Senior Design Director for Apparel talks about the adidas Euro 2016 away jerseys

“The design inspiration we have for the Euro is to show the two sides of each federation,” Jurgen Rank, adidas Senior Design Director for Apparel, told 365.WorldSoccerShop at the launch.  “The home jersey has more established look showing the legacy of each federation and with the away jersey we want to show it more in a revolutionary way.”

“It is nice to do ‘elegant’ kits (with the traditional home jersey designs) on the one side. But it is great fun to go a bit wilder and a little bit mental on the away jerseys.”

Germany's Euro 2016 away soccer jersey by adidas
Rank pointed to the Germany jersey as a good example saying that the ‘away jersey pays tribute to all the street footballers and all amateur players’ taking their game to the ‘bolzplatz (recreational field).’  The reversible jersey has a gray/black horizontal stripes on the body of the jersey while the reverse side has a green adidas training bib look as a tribute to all the young players training to one day make Die Mannschaft.

Spain's Euro 2016 Away jersey unveil
Spain’s away jersey makes the biggest statement.  The heat-map design explodes from the federation crest with dark red triangles, connecting it to the home jersey, that become yellow as it moves away from the heart.

“The away (jersey) becomes alive and the whole thing explodes as a heat-map graphic inspired print,” Rank explained.

Belgium Euro 2016 away jersey unveiling
Belgium’s cycling legacy was the inspiration for the Red Devils’ away jersey.  “The Belgium (away jersey) is one you can wear when you go out cycling.  Hopefully all the Belgium supporters cycling form Belgium to France (for Euro 2016) will create a kind of Tour de France thing.”

Russia Euro 2016 away jersey launch party
The Russian Eagle is the subtle center of attention of the Russia away jersey.  The iconic symbol is designed to reflect youth culture with a modern approach with the Eagle across the entire chest.  Russia’s new away kit is inspired by the iconic symbol of the Russian Eagle, designed to reflect youth culture in the country and hinting towards modernity.

Sweden's Euro 2016 away soccer jersey launch
Sweden’s away jersey has the raw street style of urban generations with a bold design that looks the least like a traditional jersey of the collection.

Denmark's Euro 2016 away soccer jersey
Denmark’s jersey features a more elegant approach while staying vibrant similar to Denmark’s youth culture.

“Germany is pretty cool,” Rank added about the collection.  “But to be honest, it’s like a jersey for every weekday.  When you go cycling you take the Belgium one.  And when you are trying impress the girls you probably go with the heat-map inspired jersey of Spain.”

adidas Jurgen Rank at adidas Euro 2016 Federation away jersey launch
“The good thing is that (the away jersey) are all different but at the same time they are really unexpected and revolutionary.  That is what symbolizes street football.”

Do you like adidas urban inspired Euro 2016 federation jerseys?  Which is the best?  Which one comes up short?