Ultimate control requires a soccer cleat that is an extension of the player’s foot and Under Armour is taking their control silo, the Clutchfit, to a new level with the release of the Under Armour Clutchfit 3.0 on February 1.

Soccer365 was fortunate to receive a blackout teaser pair of the updated silo and from our first inspections this cleat will live up to a ‘new and improved’ tag.


Under Armour Clutchfit 3.0 black out boot


The first noticeable change is with the upper. A single layer re-designed Auxetic Pattern covers the upper. This pattern no longer has the layered effect of the first 2 editions. And to provide better traction and touch on the ball the pattern repeat of the 3.0 is increased on the toe of the cleat.

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Under Armour Clutchfit 3.0 moves the Under Armour logo to the heel


The overall aesthetic is also updated with the Under Armour logo moving to both sides of the heel from the previous placement on the center of the in-step and out-step.


Under Armour Clutchfit 3.0 soleplate


The second major change is with the outsole. The outsole has been totally revamped. The plate re-design includes conical studs that replace the combination of oval and triangular on previous editions. The 3.0 no longer include the skeletal foot plate feature. The new design helps improve acceleration and deceleration, increases stability, and improves cutting performance.


Under Armour Clutchfit 3.0 UA Grippy heel lock


Under Armour cleats are well-known for locking your foot into the cleat and the 3.0 takes that to a higher level. The heel includes the UA Grippy, 4 upside down chevron texture panels, on the back of the heel to go along with the textured insole.

@UnderArmourFC will feature tease images of player’s wearing the Clutchfit 3.0 silo starting on January 21. Arsenal’s Grani Xhaka has been spotted wearing a blacked out version in training sessions ahead of the official tease and release dates.

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