Under Armour has been expanding into soccer over the past 5+ years so some players are not as familiar with the brand as other cleats.  But this is not to say Under Armour does not know how to design a great performing cleat.  The Clutchfit Force FG has combined the technology from American football and soccer to develop a solid performing and of course comfortable cleat.


After first receiving our pair of the Electric Blue/Academy/High-Vis Yellow colorway, we were impressed with the look of the cleat.  The 2-tone blue of the upper, the Trivela Performance Microfiber with Rubber Cage Covering, gives the cleat a very unique and modern look and feel.  This upper provided immediately noticeable texture with the rubber covering over the entire cleat.

Comfort has always received some of the highest marks for Under Armour cleats and the High-Vis Yellow colorway of the interior of the cleat immediately draws the attention.  The leather-textured thin synthetic upper gives a quality look to the cleat along with the 4D-Foam insert which is common for the Under Armour cleats and provide the great comfort.

The PlasmaX sole plate has an eerie skeletal look but with good flexibility for the entire foot, the thinking behind the skeleton design, that helps provide maximum traction. The midsole is very narrow but this does not relate to the stability or comfort level of the cleat once it is on.

But enough with the cosmetics, how do these cleats perform on the field?

The Clutchfit provides a little resistance when pulling it on due to the traction of the foam insert and texture on the inner cuff but once on the comfort is immediately noticeable.  The cleat is snug but molds to the player’s foot.  The rubberized 3-D outer offers 2-way stretch capability which immediately gives a full range of motion even with the foot well housed in the cleat.

The cleat fits true to size and is ready for game action on the first wear.  At 7.9 ounces and with no distinct speed, control, or power features this cleat provides solid all-around performance but maybe not ideal for some players.

The rubberized 3-D material is immediately evident from the first touch.  The thickness and tackiness of the covering gives good control when passing or controlling balls.  It may take away some of the feel on the ball for some fans of thin skinned synthetic cleats.  The power on shots is consistent and with the additional rebound from the outer skin providing some added power.

The soleplate with 8 forefoot studs and 4 heel studs are somewhere between blades and conical studs but provide excellent traction and touch on the ball when controlling with the bottom of the cleat.  The flexibility of the soleplate made quick stops and cutting very reliable.  They were not tested on turf but most reviews give good marks for this surface.

Under Armour were kind enough to send 365.WorldSoccerShop a pair of the cleats to test out for this review.

Have you worn the Under Armour Clutchfit Force FG or any Under Armour cleats?  Send 365.WorldSoccerShop your review or include your comments below.

The Under Armour Clutchfit Force FG is currently available in Electric Blue/Academy (the colorway in this review), Blaze Orange/High Vis Yellow, and the USA Red/White/Blue colorway.  Check out all the cleats available from Under Armour at WorldSoccerShop.com