When Memphis Depay enters the field with the pressure of 75,000 on-looking fans dying for him to score a decisive goal, what does he do? When young Eduardo in Chile sees the opposing striker played through on goal, what’s his next move? Or when Thomas in England has a chance to win the game with just one strike, what does he do?

They slay their giants.

Under Armour has launched the Slay Your Next Giant campaign, and it is the company’s first ever global soccer crusade. Partnering with Droga5, Under Armour is delivering the idea of giants to the game.

Slay Your Next Giant
These giants, or obstacles and milestones for soccer stars to press towards and overcome, exist at every level of soccer. Under Armour has incorporated this into their campaign, as they not only feature a world star in Memphis Depay, but they also showcase aspiring stars such as a player in the academy of Tottenham Hotspur, a 9 year old on dirt covered fields in Mexico, and a 7 year old trying to score his team’s winning goal in England.

U.S. international and New England Revolution midfielder Jermaine Jones is also looking for his next giant to slay.

A key aspect of the campaign is the focus on each player’s laces.  Under Armour highlights the laces as the final piece of each player’s ritual before heading to battle, and the featured players sport customized laces engraved with their respective giants. When each giant is “slayed” and the player reaches their goal they can then remove the lace and replace it with a new giant, a physical manifestation of the player’s progression.

The campaign encourages soccer players around the globe to set goals for themselves and motivates them to press towards these goals and slay their own personal giants. As the campaign encapsulates players from all areas of the world and all ages, it cements the idea that you don’t have to be Memphis Depay to slay a giant, you just need the determination to improve.

“Whether you’re Memphis, an aspiring academy hopeful in Brazil, or a Chilean kid playing with your neighborhood team, the goals you set for yourself loom just as large in your head,” said Peter Murray, VP, Global Brand and Sports Marketing, Under Armour. “We’re going to be with every player, every step of the way, bringing down every giant he or she faces. We’re making a statement, we’re standing by it, and we’re pushing forward in a big way with our global football category.”