The still nameless UEFA Euro 2016 mascot has been unveiled and if the tournament is even close to being as exciting as the little boy mascot appears to be happy go-lucky than we are in for a treat next summer.

And the fans get the chance to name the mascot with the list narrowed down to 1) Driblou 2) Goalix and 3) Super Victor. Get in the game and vote today.

What we do know about the player is that he was born in a small town in France with a former player as a dad.  He is not quite of his dad’s caliber but keeps practicing his skills but understanding the most important part of the game is to have ‘fun and play fair.’

But he is not just any ordinary kid.  He found his super hero powers while searching for the ball after sending is free kick well over the goal and the fence to the field.   A magical chest contained his red cape, soccer cleats with glow in the dark studs, and UEFA Euro 2016 soccer ball.

His task over the coming months is to fly around France and spread the love for the game with the mission of ‘have fun with fans from all over the world and celebrate the Art of Football.’

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