Europe’s prestigious club football tournament is undergoing a visual update, as the UEFA Champions League refreshes their branding for the 2018-2021 cycle. The famed “starball” mark is the centerpiece of the branding refresh.



A vibrant, colorful palette based on the European night sky is presented with the new illuminated starball, as a gradient that extends from light green to light blue to purple. Lights beam out and reflect off the ball, capturing those moments of brilliance.

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The visual branding cycle runs every three years, and the incoming refresh focuses on light in motion for their presentation.



An additional typeface has been added to the current existing font. Crafted for precision and elegance, it is slimmer yet refined, to reflect today’s footballer.



The visuals create flexibility, which will also be seen in their on-screen graphics, with lights reflecting off the starball motif during broadcasts.



Stadiums across Europe will also partake in the updated Champions League graphics with the illuminated starball as the focal point.

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