The UEFA Champions League final promises to be a match for the ages with players of high caliber, and two clubs with winning in their veins. FC Barcelona come as the favorites to put their hands on the cup, but Juventus has already demonstrated that they are not to be taken lightly. Both teams have the opportunity of achieving a treble, as they won the League and Cup in their respective countries. We are going to do a rundown of the top 5 players to watch for on Saturday as these two clubs clash on the field of the Olympiastadion in Berlin.

5. Alvaro Morata
The ex-Real Madrid forward is finally getting his chance to start in the pitch. The Spaniard  caught fire for Juventus netting four goals with two of them against his former team. Morata has become Juve’s unexpected threat, so it is only right for him to wear the boot for the unexpected player, the Adidas X 15. The X cage on the boot is designed to help the player maintain balance, and keep the support they need. An explosive boot for an explosive player.

4. Paul Pogba
The Frenchman has become one of the most improved players in the world. His ability to shoot from the outside area, along with his fancy footwork, and physicality makes Pogba a force to be reckoned with. He will wear Magista Obra boots from the new Nike Silver Storm line, which reflect his boldness and his skill as a player.

3. Luis Suarez
With an incredible spell at Liverpool with over 30 goals last season, but after missing out on the Champions League the Uruguayan striker will finally get to play in the final with the Blaugranas. “Luchito” will be ready to unleash chaos on Saturday, and has the perfect boots for the occasion. New Adidas X 15.1 will be wrapped around the Uruguayan’s foot as he attempts to score past Gianluigi Buffon. This new release by Adidas is meant for players who do the unexpected, are explosive, and bring order by causing chaos.

2. Neymar
The Brazilian international star has single-handedly made a difference for “la Seleçao”, and has scored 9 goals in the Champions League tournament. Neymar will be stepping onto the pitch wearing the new Nike Hypervenoms II series. This new boot took nearly two years to fabricate, and is made for a new breed of attacker. Nike focused on integrating four major points on the boot; fit, touch, traction, and style innovation.

1. Lionel Messi
The player who transcends the sport so much so Adidas created a boot just for the Astro-Argentinian. A playmaker and orchestrator who can complete any team, but can also wreck havoc. The Messi 15.1 are the special boots made for the special one. A combination of complete control provided by the Ace and the swiftness and edge provided by the X. The boot is equipped with the Messi system, which uses an x-ray surface that brings grip and stability. Other features include traction, and a new rounded stud configuration system made to deliver explosive movement.

What did you think of our selection? Who will win the UEFA Champions League? Let us know by leaving a comment below and remember that you can shop all of these cleats at World Soccer Shop!