The Premier League is making the U.K. a major destination for US sports fans. According to recent numbers released by tourism body Visit Britain, overseas soccer fans totaled 800,000 in 2014, with 53,000 of those coming from the United States.

By those numbers, American travelers make up six percent of those that make the trip to the U.K. to see a soccer match. Both Arsenal and Manchester United made up the majority of visits, with Liverpool and Chelsea coming in not far behind.

The 53,000 tourists stopping to watch a game of soccer in 2014 made the United States fourth on the list of largest amounts of overseas fans. Ireland, Norway, and Sweden topped the Americans, with Irish fans more than doubling US fans at 121,000 last year.

The research from Visit Britain is revealing that the biggest desire for these globetrotting fans is to see these matches live and in person, and the influx of visitors is adding a welcome boost to the British economy. Travelers – especially those that attend soccer matches – are spending more and more money on their trips than the last time numbers like these were produced, all the way back in 2010.