They are not a global sponsor of the World Cup.  They don’t sponsor any of the 32 teams in Brazil this summer.  But they are getting more on-field exposure than most of the companies pumping millions of $’s into promoting their brands.

Who is it you may ask?  You have seen the product on every field of the World Cup.  They stand out even more than the fluorescent color cleats many players are wearing.  They are the little black square dots on the heels of players.  TruSox.

The list of some of the players wearing TruSox is impressive; Robin Van Persie, Arjen Robben, Clint Dempsey, Jermaine Jones, Mauricio Pinilla, Mile Jedinak, Hector Moreno, Oribe Peralta, Luis Suarez, and Marcelo.

TruSox concept is simple.  Keep players’ feet secure in their cleats to help maximize their ability to change speed and direction.  This allows players to maximize the energy transfer of each step.  TruSox does this with the non-slip pads (yep, those little black dots) on the inside and outside of the sock to keep your foot stable in your cleats.  The pads on the outside grip the cleat while the pads on the inside keep the foot in position.

How did TruSox become some popular?  Simply put they make a great product.  Rather than line-up well-paid professional athletes, TruSox sent samples to soccer clubs around the world and let players try them.  It appears the more that tried them, the more that opted to wear them.

Gareth Bale was one of the first top division players to pull on TruSox.  He was spotted with the contagious sock back in February 2013 and players started to follow suit.  Luis Suarez in the company’s only sponsored player.  He signed with them in March.

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