TruSox started turning up on soccer fields around the globe at the end of 2012. They caught the attention of players as the showed results on the field and slowly more and more players are pulling on TruSox.  The 2014 World Cup is the first major international tournament since they were first released and 365.WorldSoccerShop.com sent our spotters to be on the look-out for them.

Clint Dempsey is wearing TruSox in Brazil.  The U.S. forward is an ideal player for the sock as it improves his cutting ability and gives him the extra push while accelerating or shooting.

And TruSox come in red as well, perfect for the USA ‘Bomb Pop’ Away jersey.

The Stars and Stripes Dempsey is not the only players wearing Trusox.  Jermaine Jones pulls them on and scored a huge equalizer against Portugal.

The Flying Dutchman, Robin van Persie, came through with the Netherlands first goal and Trusox helped in his lift off.

His partner in crime, Arjen Robben, loves to cut back and get the ball on his favored left foot and it has shown results.

Mexico’s Oribe Peralta has been huge for the El Tri Colores in their run to the Round of 16.

Marcelo loves to push up into the attack.

Which players have you seen wearing Trusox?  Comment on 365.WorldSoccerShop.com below.

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