Robin van Persie has been one of the keys to Manchester United’s resurgence over the last 6 games.  Wilfried Bony has been the go-to man for Swansea’s good start to the season.  After struggling with injuries Olivier Giroud appears to be back in form and finding the net for Arsenal.  Everton’s Ross Barkley finished a run that started at midfield with a cracker to the top corner.

What do these players all share in common other than they scored on the weekend?  They all wear Trusox to help give them sure footing while shooting.

robin van persie trusox
The Dutch master has scored 4 of his 7 goals over the last 4 games.  He has helped the Red Devils climb to 3rd place on the table.  And let’s face it, no one thought they would be challenging at the top of the table after their start to the season.  He is Manchester United’s leading goal scorer.

wilfried bony trusox
Bony is tied with Van Persie on 7 goals on the campaign and is also his team’s leading goal scorer.

olivier giroud trusox
And Giroud is quietly working his way up the Golden Boot table after his brace on the weekend.  The Gunners forward is finding his form at the exact time that under pressure Arsene Wenger needs to find reliable goal output.

Trusox give strikers an advantage as they keep the players’ foot from slipping inside their cleats.  Trusox use non-slip technology on the inside and outside of the sock to provide the best return on your energy.  The one drawback to this is that it requires players to cut their team socks but the payoff is easy to see from those willing to expose their secret.

ross barkley trusox
The advantage is not only for strikers.  Everton’s Ross Barkley finished off a run from the midfield line with a cracker to the top left corner in Monday Night’s game.

martin skrtel trusox
And Liverpool’s Martin Skrtel is one defender who opts for the additional stability.

arjen robben trusox
The trend is not just catching on in England.  Bayern Munich’s Arjen Robben wears Trusox.

gareth bale trusox
And Gareth Bale, who was wearing the Trusox while he was still at Tottenham, continues to wear them for Real Madrid.

Who do you know that wears Trusox?  Why aren’t you wearing them?

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