Tottenham Hotspur have launched their new away kit which will first appear in action against the MLS All-Stars. The July 29th game is part of the Premier League club’s pre-season preparations. The jersey launch, featuring Spurs striker Harry Kane, was designed to get fans excited for the new season.

Tottenham Hotspur Jersey

The jersey is water blue and is inspired by the THFC plaque that overlooks White Hart Lane. A frontal hoop design is featured on the front, starting at the middle of the chest and getting smaller towards the waist. Also on the chest are the club’s technical sponsor Under Armour and main sponsors AIA, which are all in trophy grey to provide contrast to the water blue background.

Tottenham Hotspur Jersey Collar

Cadet blue is featured on the frontal hoops as well as the false deep V-neck collar and the cuff of the sleeves. There is also a small trophy grey band around the top of the cuff of the sleeves.

Tottenham Hotspur Jersey Back

The back is the same color as the front and continues the cadet blue color on the back of the collar.

The new jersey features Under Armour Heat Gear Blur Light technology, which keeps the player cool and light with minimal wind resistance.

“I think it makes it even more special when you see the whole stadium in the home shirt or the away shirt or any Tottenham shirt at all,” Kane said about the importance of fans wearing their new kits while the team was playing. “It makes it that little bit more special looking into the crowd and you know that everyone is cheering you on.”

The MLS All-Stars have their work cut out for them as Tottenham has increased preparation for the game.