Wayne Gretzky’s nickname is ‘the Great One’ and he is considered by most players, managers, sportswriters (really just about everyone) as the greatest hockey player ever!  He made the #99 famous and it is the only number that the National Hockey League retired league-wide.

With such a high-profile, well-recognized player in town you would think a team handing out a custom jersey to the former winger would get it right but sadly Tottenham made the mistake of mis-spelling the Canadian’s name replacing the ‘z’ with an ‘s’ when he visited White Hart Lane on Wednesday.

The London club sent out a tweet with the image but quickly took it down as readers pointed out the mistake although with social media it was too late to erase the bad memory.

The club sent out an apology with the promise to send a correctly customized jersey.

And Gretzky was quick to accept the apology.

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