In 2014, Nike had a very good year in terms of kits. The American sportswear giant that practices teams and athletes to “Just Do It” brought it in the kit game, not just with kits worn in Brazil by national teams in the World Cup, but with several clubs around the world. No matter their place in the standings, some teams just looked good playing with a fresh or timeless look, and the swoosh on their chests.

We have selected ten jerseys that caught our attention in 2014, as we count down towards the new year. Of course, there will be snubs and some shirts that’ll be missed out on our list, but opinions are opinions; Everybody has one. This list comes in no particular order neither.


We start with the current Liga MX champions, Club America. Los Aguilas soared above the rest en route to the Apertura 2014 title, and looked good doing it. The club’s primary kit was a neat and simple yellow-cream and navy number, with a polo collar. However the look is inspired by America teams of the past, which wore the pale color before going for a more visually striking golden yellow well-known in the modern football world.


Up next, Russia’s Zenit St. Petersburg and their away white. This jersey comes with a nice diagonal sash on the chest in two tones, with navy taking the right side from the top of the shirt from wearer’s perspective, to the sky blue that occupies the lower left halve. The two tones are also on the collar, a nice detail.


The current reigning kings of Scottish football, Celtic had unveiled an away kit that incorporated a stunning Celtic tartan pattern on the shirt. The dark green kit, said to be inspired by one of Celtic’s first kits, featured the pattern which had a couple shades of green and yellow visible.


The first of two kits from the Catalan superclub FC Barcelona, we first take a look at their vibrant volt yellow third kit. The bright shade returning to a Barca shirt, originally debuting in 2005. The shirt comes in two shades, with the lighter shade on the front, and the darker shade in the back.


The French are usually praised for their fashionable clothing and elegant styles. It should come to no big surprise that Les Bleus’ home shirt would get on this list for their very sleek tight-fitting look. Worn for the World Cup in Brazil, France made it to the quarterfinals, where they fell to bitter rival and eventual champion Germany.


Defending Premier League champion Manchester City has a very nice away shirt featuring a gradient pattern. The gradient ranges from a dark navy at the top of the shirt to a very solid blue at the very bottom. A bright yellow fills in the smaller details like the Etihad Airways sponsor and Nike swoosh on the chest, making for an appealing color scheme.


Brazil, the hosts of the 2014 World Cup, revised their classic home kit for the biggest sports tournament on the planet. The Brazilians’ latest home shirt has a wishbone-shaped collar, and is a conservative look without needing any distracting effects, maintaining a clean, yet satisfying look.


Barcelona’s home kit deserves a fair shout on this list, not just because of the superstars on the team, but for the shirt that defines who they are and what they stand for. The designs on the shirt features the Senyera, the Catalan flag Barca stands for, on the collar. The blaugrana striped pattern returns, making for a strong and traditional look, and asserting pride for their region overall.


The Netherlands and their dynamic blue-to-imperial purple gradient shirt makes it’s way to this list, for the artistic details. The gradient goes from a bright blue at the top to imperial purple at the bottom, with interlocking chevrons present, creating a striking visual effect of water within Dutch culture. Orange is also seen on the shirt with the swoosh and Dutch Royal Lion on the crest on the chest, and a hidden orange sleeve trim on the interior that can be seen when rolled up.


One more shirt worth mentioning? None other than the “Bomb Pop,” the clash kit for the USA in the World Cup in Brazil. As the Americans’ soccer captured the hearts of many people watching at home and abroad, the red, white and blue away shirt was a top seller for the fashionable set. Earning the nickname from its resemblance to a Popsicle, the shirt sold out at several retailers, but was eventually restocked. Truly an instant classic.

Got a top ten favorite shirts of 2014 you want to share? Don’t hesitate to make up your own lists on the the comments section below.