Big news out of Major League Soccer Wednesday, as Steven Gerrard is set to move from Liverpool FC to the Los Angeles Galaxy. The move will come at the end of the English Premier League campaign in May, and the English legend will join in July. He will be on the roster as a Designated Player. With all the excitement enveloped around these news, we’ve come with five reasons why Steven Gerrard will be a good fit at Los Angeles.

5. Awareness


Major League Soccer is now heading into their twentieth year of existence. The league has grown from a simple ten teams in 1996 to what will be twenty clubs competing this season, as two expansion teams will join in 2017 and the league will look to have twenty-four teams by 2020. With Gerrard coming to join MLS this summer, more fans of soccer around the world, not only of the English Premier League and Liverpool, but those curious in the progress of Gerrard’s career will want to see and know more about Major League Soccer, thus raising the awareness of the league.

4. Prestige


The move from Liverpool to LA Galaxy for Steven Gerrard is also a matter of prestige as well. While the nations themselves are a vast difference in this category, the clubs within their own league are very formidable. The Galaxy are the most prestigious club in MLS history, having just won their fifth MLS Cup. Liverpool are among the most decorated clubs in English football, with eighteen English First Division titles, and many domestic and continental cup wins to their credit.

3. Marketability


Los Angeles is home to one of the biggest sports markets in North America. With teams from nearly every major sport in the United States having one or two teams based in the City of Angels, even Los Angeles is bracing for another club heading downtown, in the form of Los Angeles FC in 2017. The market is very profitable for a team like the Galaxy to rake in revenue based off prospective viewership with ESPN, FOX Sports, Univision and TSN all airing MLS programming in North America and abroad this year. Just as fellow Englishman David Beckham boosted the appeal of the league as whole, Gerrard’s addition with most likely duplicate it, along with even more superstars coming to the league such as David Villa and Kaka.

2. Transition


Many fans are already aware of Landon Donovan and the story of his retirement from the world of soccer in 2014. The Galaxy, looking for a new player to fill in the third and final Designated Player spot, were the frontrunners in obtaining Stevie G’s signature. The transition from one legend to another feels seamless for Los Angeles, as they look to defend the MLS Cup in 2015.

The transition from abroad to MLS is also a major point when stars of Gerrard’s caliber enter during the summer. When most European leagues are having a break to focus on training and transfers, the MLS is already at the halfway point of its season. The contrast of styles and cultures itself makes for intriguing stories, especially if the 34-year-old Gerrard plays in 2016 and beyond.

1. Attributes


From a tactical standpoint, Steven Gerrard will bring a style of play that will actually compliment the Galaxy’s playing style greatly. Gerrard is very efficient at passing the ball, especially through balls and final passes to goal scorers like fellow established Premier League alum Robbie Keane and rising youngster Gyasi Zardes, who combined for 37 goals in 2014. From a central midfield position, Gerrard is also willing to get involved in defensive matters in the midfield area, aiding Juninho’s hard-nosed efforts. Like Donovan, Gerrard is also effective at set pieces. You add in his experience, leadership and workrate, and you have an exceptional talent, worthy of being once known as one of the best players in the world. It’s safe to say Gerrard would feel comfortable with the stars the Galaxy already have at their disposal.

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