The English Premier League kicks off on August 8 and fans around the world are clambering to get their official jerseys to be ready to show their colors and support their favorite team.  Getting a jersey is the easy part for fans in the U.S., however. With most games kicking off at mid-day or early afternoon it makes for an early morning for fans on the east and west coast in the U.S.

The early kick-off is not slowing down the most passionate fans many of whom embrace the early wake-up call as a reason to invite friends over to watch and make an immerse themselves in a truly English experience with an authentic breakfast.

Top 5 English Breakfast to Eat While Watching the Premier League

5) Black pudding and scrambled eggs

Black Pudding

Black pudding is a type of blood sausage that is enjoyed all around Europe, but nowhere more than England. While it might be hard to get your hands on some in the States, they can be bought internationally or found at your local foreign grocery store. Scrambled eggs, however, are much easier to find and make. A classic pairing that will make getting out of bed in the dark to watch a match that much more enjoyable.

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4) Porridge


Porridge is so English, the BBC even made its own recipe of how to make it properly. While Goldilocks might not be knocking on your door at 5 am while you’re watching the match, porridge is a nutritious, tasty way to start your early morning.

3) Kedgeree and deviled kidneys


Kedgeree is a delicacy and popular breakfast item made of hard boiled eggs, flaked fish, and rice. There are many recipes around the web, but we have chosen one from the BBC itself. Don’t knock it till you try it. Deviled kidneys, unfortunately, are just as gross as they sound as they are lamb kidneys in a certain type of sauce that designated them deviled. This breakfast combination of definitely for the more daring, but looks tasty enough. Don’t worry, we won’t judge.

2) Kippers on toast

Kippers on Toast

Kippers on toast is a great way to start your day with an early kickoff. Simple to make and nutritious, this breakfast will soon become a fan favorite. Tip: If kippers aren’t readily available, sardines do the trick just fine.

1) Crumpets and orange marmalade


A classic of English breakfasts, crumpets and marmalade is an extremely popular item overseas. If baking crumpets is your thing, or making fresh orange marmalade is a favored pastime of yours, be ready to spend some time on them. Definitely worth it in the end though. Ones bought from the store, however, do just as well.

For those who are a bit hungrier in the morning – Full English Breakfast:

Fried egg
Fried bread
Fried tomato
Heinz baked beans

This is the chef d’oeuvre of English breakfasts. This is when you have company over to watch the game and don’t want anyone to go hungry. Everything is explained in this article by Serious Eats, but the basics of a full English breakfast consist of a meat (sausage or bacon), egg (fried, scrambled, sunny side up, etc.), fried bread (not the same as toasted bread), tomatoes (a surprisingly essential part of the meal), and beans (Americans are lucky in the fact that we have baked beans so readily available. It is common practice to import Heinz baked beans by the crate for a delicious breakfast.

We hope you have enjoyed our list of the top 5 best English breakfasts to watch during those early Premier League kickoff times. Hopefully, these meals will make it just a bit easier to get out of bed at the crack of dawn, fire up the stove, and sit down to watch your favorite team play.

All the best and bon appetit.

What English breakfast do you prepare for your friends when they come over to watch the match?