Having won the German Bundesliga each of the last three years, Bayern Munich are set to compete for yet another German title this year. As a team with a history of winning, Munich fans are expecting success, and there’s no doubt the club is outfitted with the personal to achieve it.

Below are the top five selling customized jerseys for Bayern Munich.

# 21 Philipp Lahm

Philip Lahm is a player bursting with experience and expertise. Having played all across the Munich backline and even in center midfield, Lahm is the one of the smartest and most adaptable players to ever come out of Germany. Having won numerous titles with Munich, this a player that will forever go down as a hero in Bayern lore.

#9 Robert Lewandowski

Robert Lewandowski is a player that scores goals no matter where he is or who he plays for. Having banged them in consistently in the Polish leagues, Lewandowski continued his knack for finding the net when he moved to Borussia Dortmund, and then eventually Bayern Munich. One of the most prolific goal getters in the Bundesliga, Lewandowski is a constant threat for opposing defenders.

#19 Mario Götze

By the time Götze turned his current age of 23 years old, he had won the German Bundesliga three times with two different clubs, and also scored the game winning goal in a World Cup Final for his country. Götze is a highly decorated and successful player at a time in his career when most are just beginning to develop into their best. There is so much more to come from the young German playmaker.

#10 Arjen Robben

Dutchman Arjen Robben has played for some of the most storied and successful clubs in Europe, and his current club Bayern Munich is no exception. The pacey winger is armed with quick feet, deceptive skill on the ball, and a powerful left foot. When the three combine for Robben, he’s one of the biggest wide threats in the beautiful game.

#25 Thomas Muller

Thomas Muller has been a Bayern Munich goal scorer for his entire career. Doing it first for Bayern Munich II in the early days of his career, Muller didn’t hesitate for a minute when he was promoted to the senior side in Bundesliga. Each and every season Muller finds ways to score and crank his goal tally higher and higher. At just 25 years old, this isn’t going to change any time soon.

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