The FIFA World Cup connects with fans like no other sporting event and pulling on an official team soccer jersey is one of the most common ways fans show their passion during the 4-week tournament.

What are the most popular soccer jerseys headed into the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia?

“This has been a year of great diversity leading up to the 2018 World Cup,” World Soccer Shop’s Director of eCommerce Page Martin told Soccer365. “With the US not qualifying many US fans are adopting the colors and teams of their ancestors to cheer on in Russia and buying the jersey to fell more authentic.”


Top 20 Selling FIFA World Cup Soccer Jerseys 2018

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Uruguay 2018 World Cup shirt


20. Uruguay 2018 Home Jersey – Uruguay is a 2-time FIFA World Cup winner taking home the title in the inaugural tournament in 1930 as well as the first tournament after World War II in 1950. The stars over the federation crest give this jersey some added clout and the sky blue color helps it stand out as well. Fans are especially excited heading to Russia with the team in Group A along with the host nation, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt so many fans expect to see this look past the group stage.

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Panama 2018 World Cup shirt


19. Panama 2018 Home Jersey – Panama are appearing in their 1st FIFA World Cup finals and so it is no surprise that fans of Los Canaleros (The Canal Men) are grabbing the team’s official jersey from New Balance. Panama is in Group G along with Belgium, England, and Tunisia. Will the team bring home a win?


Portugal 2018 World Cup shirt


18. Portugal 2018 Home Jersey – Riding high from winning Euro 16, Portugal is looking to their next conquest, the FIFA World Cup. The dark red with green accents has a great look but being realistic this jersey is pulling in big sales and fans largely due to superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. Portugal is in Group B along with Spain, Morocco, and Iran.


Croatia 2018 World Cup shirt


17. Croatia 2018 Home Jersey – The checkerboard speaks for itself. The design is usually in the mix for best looking federation soccer kit and this year is no exception. They even kept the same template for the away soccer jersey (see below). Croatia are in Group d along with Argentina, Nigeria, and Iceland.


Belgium 2018 World Cup shirt


16. Belgium 2018 Home Jersey – Retro jerseys are a fashion trend and Belgium is riding that wave and the jersey just looks cool. The design is inspired by the jersey the Red Devils wore at the 1984 European championship. The diamond pattern across the chest is looks great and the way the Royal Belgian Football Association (RBFA) crest is incorporated on the center of the jersey pushed the look over the top. Belgium is in Group G along with England, Panama, and Tunisia.


South Korea 2018 World Cup away soccer shirt


15. South Korea 2018 Away Jersey – The Taeguk is the inspiration for the South Korea away soccer jersey. What’s that you ask? The Taeguk is the national symbol for the country and has philosophical and religious meanings. And the balance looks good on a jersey that fans are eager to pull on. South Korea is in Group G along with Germany, Mexico, and Sweden.

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Peru 2018 World Cup Away Jersey


14. Peru 2018 Away Jersey – Peru is back at the FIFA World Cup finals for the first time since 1982 and fans are eager to see La Blanquirroja (The White and Red) on the global stage as well as their classic sash jersey. The away jersey is not as popular as the home but the solid red jersey with white sash makes a bold statement. Peru is in Group C along with France, Denmark, and Australia.


Nigeria 2018 World Cup away soccer shirt


13. Nigeria 2018 Away Jersey – Nigeria reversed the roles for their home and away jerseys with the away jersey being the more traditional/conservative look. But it makes a huge statement nonetheless. The dark green jersey with lime green detailing is solid. Nigeria is in Group D along with Argentina, Croatia, and Iceland.


England 2018 World Cup away shirt


12. England 2018 Away Jersey – Surprising to some fans the famous white home jersey of the Three Lions is not on this list but rather than 2018 England away soccer kit. But after a quick look over, it becomes apparent the away jersey is the better looking of the pair and that is what fans will be wearing while hoping England can win their first World Cup since hosting in 1966. England is in Group G along with Belgium, Panama, and Tunisia.


Argentina 2018 World Cup shirt


11. Argentina 2018 Home Jersey – One of the all-time classic jerseys of the beautiful game, the Argentina home jersey always sells well and with Lionel Messi pulling on the jersey it only keeps fans wanting more. Depending on the run of La Albiceleste (The Albiceleste) this will most likely be a jersey that finishes even higher in the post tournament rankings. Argentina are in Group D along with Croatia, Iceland, and Nigeria.


Egypt 2018 World Cup soccer shirt


10. Egypt 2018 Home Jersey – Egypt is back in the World Cup for the first time since 1990 and have one of the hottest players in the world with Mo Salah and those were the main forces helping the Pharaohs crack the Top 10. Egypt are in Group A along with Uruguay, Russia, and Saudi Arabia.


Poland 2018 World Cup shirt


9. Poland 2018 Home Jersey – With a huge fan base in the U.S. and with their 12 year absence from the tournament, it is no surprise Biało-czerwoni (The White and Reds) fans are eager to grab this team jersey. This will continue to be a big seller especially if Poland can reach the elimination rounds. Poland is in Group H along with Colombia, Senegal, and Japan.


Spain 2018 World Cup shirt


8. Spain 2018 Home Jersey – It is no surprise that fans have been grabbing the Spain home shirt. The look will be familiar to old school soccer fans in the U.S. as it was the inspired by the one the team wore at the 1994 FIFA World Cup in the U.S. The overall appearance is more modern and of course the addition of the 1 star over the Royal Spanish Football Federation crest (RFEF) makes the look even better. Spain is in Group B along with Portugal, Morocco, and Iran.


Brazil 2018 World Cup shirt


7. Brazil 2018 Home Jersey – Brazil’s home jersey is as much a part of the World Cup as the team and its players. The jersey was born out of despair but has grown to become a beacon of hope for a nation. The Brazil jersey always is a top seller and with Seleção (The Squad) in the conversation as a possible winner it will continue to sell. Brazil is in Group E along with Costa Rica, Serbia, and Switzerland.

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Colombia 2018 World Cup shirt


6. Colombia 2018 Home Jersey – Bold colors are always a part of Colombia’s look and this year is no different. The jersey is inspired by the look the team wore in 1990’s. James Rodriguez won the Golden Boot 4-years ago and fans are looking for him to lead the team again (as well as buying his official jersey).


Nigeria 2018 World Cup shirt


5. Nigeria 2018 Home Jersey – Soccer jersey meets fashion statement is what pushed the Nigeria jersey over the top with sales and resulted in the relatively limited quantities selling out around the globe in less than a day. The Nike store in NYC has a line around the block waiting to pick up the Nigeria shirt the day it launched. A great look and one that will probably led to changes in the future with more teams designing outside the box for a national team home jersey.


France 2018 World Cup shirt


4. France 2018 Home Jersey – France is one of the favorites heading to Russia and with a host of attacking talent fans are eager to pull on their jersey. It helps that the look also has a streetwear vibe and the monochrome white rooster crest of the French Football Federation (FFF) looks great on the jersey. If Les Bleus can win the title, the France home jersey is well positioned to make a run at #1. France is in Group C along with Australia, Denmark, and Peru.


Peru 2018 World Cup shirt


3. Peru 2018 Home Jersey – The jersey voted the Best Home Jersey at the World Cup a recent Soccer365/WorldSoccerShop ranking is not surprisingly near the top of the sales list as well. It’s hard to argue with the sash design and that style very popular in soccer is really owned by Peru. Add to it that Peru is back on the world stage and you have hit on your hands. Peru is in Group C along with Australia, Denmark, and France.

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Mexico 2018 World Cup shirt


2. Mexico 2018 Home Jersey – El Tri has gone with a darker shade of green for their home jersey and the fans are loving it. The geometric pattern in ligher green on each side are well thought out and the white detailing the perfect touch. It also helps that there is a strong Mexican and Mexican American community in the U.S. cheering on their team in Russia. And we think there are some fans in the U.S. who would regularly cheer for (and buy) the Stars and Stripes jersey are turning to Mexico as the regional team to cheer for this summer. Mexico is in Group F along with Germany, South Korea, and Sweden.


Germany 2018 World Cup shirt

1. Germany 2018 Home Jersey – It is almost unfair to have to face Germany on the pitch or in a jersey ranking. Die Mannschaft have all the advantages with the FIFA World Cup Champions badge front and center on their jersey to the 4th star added to the German Football Association (DFB) crest. They also got the design right paying tribute to the 1990 FIFA World Cup winning team jersey but with a sleek, modern design. And if any team can start the tournament and end it as the #1 team, it is probably Germany. Germany are in Group F along with Mexico, South Korea, and Sweden.

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