The FIFA World Cup is the most watched sporting event in the world. Passionate fans along with the casual fan are consumed by the tournament every 4 years and showoff their passion with official 2018 World Cup gear.

This year’s tournament featured exciting, attacking soccer (there was only one 0-0 draw the entire tournament…(take that soccer haters), and all 32 teams featured a home and away kit and used both on field, one of which was usually a break from tradition and a little bolder.

Very Cool.

And the fans loved it!

“Fans in the U.S. embraced this World Cup like never before,” World Soccer Shop’s Director of eCommerce Page Martin told Soccer365. “Many adopted a national team to support and proudly showed off their colors during the 4-week tournament. And the brands came through with some great looking gear for Russia 2018 which added to the excitement.”

But before we get started, we will add that fans of the US men’s national team supported the Red, White, and Blue despite not making this year’s World Cup. The 2018 USMNT home jersey would have landed at #9 on the list had they qualified. And our guess it would have reached #1 if the USA played in Russia.

Top 20 Selling World Cup Jerseys – Russia 2018 Post Tournament Rankings

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21. Russia 2018 Home Soccer Jersey by adidas (Unranked) – We added a bonus jersey with the Russia home soccer jersey just outside the Top 20. The host nation put on a great show with fans raving about the venues and hospitality during the tournament.

20. Panama 2018 Home Jersey by New Balance (19) – Panama fans embraced the difficult task Los Canaleros’ faced in Group G by showing their support in the stands and at watch parties in Panama and the U.S. The group featured 2 of the tournament’s semifinalists. But that did not stop fans from wearing the colors including Panamanian rap group Los Rakas.

19. Costa Rica 2018 Home Jersey by New Balance (Unranked) – Costa Rica have established themselves as one of the dominant teams in CONCACAF over the last 10 years and fans understand their support is a key to the Ticos success. The team only wore the home jersey in their opener but the classic style looked great on the field and spurred sales to push it into the Top 20.

18. Nigeria 2018 Home Jersey by Nike (13) – Nigeria’s home and away soccer shirt collection was stellar for the 2018 FIFA World Cup! Both jerseys made the pre-tournament and post tournament lists but were kept from moving higher due to limited quantities globally resulting in the look and all the complimentary gear selling out quickly.

17. Uruguay 2018 Home Jersey by Puma (20) – Edison Cavani made fans stand up and take notice of Uruguay on their run to the quarterfinals and for many it was the first time they noticed the unique jersey of the South American side. And it helped them to push up 3 spots from the pre-tournament rankings.

16. France 2018 Away Jersey by Nike (Unranked) – It is no surprise that the 2018 France away World Cup jersey broke into the Top 20 with Les Bleus winning the tournament. It was aided by the France Home jersey being sold out (see below) but the big surprise was that it did not make the pre-tournament team as the jersey was one of the better looking away jerseys released.

15. Peru 2018 Away Jersey by Umbro (14) – Fans of Peru were ready to support their side home or away heading in to the tournament and their loyalty held true to the end.

14. Colombia 2018 Home Jersey by adidas (6) – 2018 Colombia home jerseys were buoyed heading into the tournament by the great retro look but also fans inner hopes the team would improve on their 2014 World Cup showing. It was never meant to be with injury problems hindering the team and overall jersey sales.

13. Nigeria 2018 Home Jersey by Nike (5) – More than any other nation, Nigeria’s final spot on the Top Selling list was down to a lack of inventory. The Super Eagles showed well on the field and fans loved the jersey. They loved it so much there was only 1 way to go after the tournament started and that was down due to zero inventory. My guess is we will see something special from the team at the next World Cup.

12. Spain 2018 Home Jersey by adidas (8) – The Spain jersey dropped similar in spectacular fashion much like the team’s play on the field. A great start and good path to the final only to face the host nation (and some ‘home cooking’) in the Round of 16.

11. Sweden 2018 Home Jersey by adidas (Unranked) – No one expected Sweden to show as well on the field and no one expected their jersey to be so popular. The 2 reversals feed off each other with fans only grabbing their official 2018 Sweden home World Cup jersey once they showed it off on the field.

10. Belgium 2018 Home Jersey by adidas (16) – A good run always helps with jersey sales and add to that a roster of big name players and you have a hit. The biggest surprise may have been that Belgium did not make it higher on the list but stumbling in the seminfinal round and a really cool away jersey kept them back.

9. Croatia 2018 Home Jersey by Nike (17) – Croatia surpassed expectations making an unexpected run to the final and their jersey marched up the rankings as the team advanced through the rounds. Croatia’s challenge in the final was France while their jersey battle was (like France’s) inventory levels or this jersey could have made it higher.

8. England 2018 Home Jersey by Nike (Unranked) – The biggest jump from the pre-tournament to post-tournament rankings was for the 2018 England home World Cup football shirt. It is no big surprise with the Three Lions form as they marched to the semifinal, their best run since the 1966 World Cup when they won it. England fans are notoriously fickle with many fans waiting for the run to get started before pulling on the jersey.

7. Brazil 2018 Home Jersey by Nike (7) – Arguably the most famous jersey in soccer, Brazil’s jersey may just be a little too traditional from year to year keeping fans from flocking to it. Much like the team on the field, the jersey had some highlights but overall was mediocre.

6. France 2018 Home Jersey by Nike (4) – Everyone wants a France 2018 home World Cup jersey but only those who bought early have one. Despite Les Bleus run to the title, their jersey slipped from #4 to #6 in our rankings largely due to limited (SOLD OUT) inventory of the jersey. One things is for sure, France fans will buy their jersey early before the next major international.

5. Peru 2018 Home Jersey by Umbro (3) – The South American nation was a fan favorite and had their moments on the field but could not advance from a tough Group C but faced challenges off the field with limited inventory in some sizes which held this jersey back down the stretch.

4. Portugal 2018 Home Jersey by Nike (18) – Barely making the pre-tournament list, the Portugal jersey jumped to the Top 5 largely on the back of Cristiano Ronaldo and his goalscoring form in the opening 2 matches. Fans could not resist the chance to get back on the bandwagon from teams Euro 2016 success.

3. Argentina 2018 Home Jersey by adidas (11) – Argentina’s home soccer jersey is a classic and stands out from national team jerseys of other teams so fans love wearing the look. Sales started slowly but once it hit the field in Russia they could not resist with a huge jump into 3rd place.

2. Germany 2018 Home Jersey by adidas (1) – The great design of the 2018 Germany home World Cup jersey helped vault this jersey to the top of the list heading into the tournament (and it did not hurt sales that Die Mannschaft were many fans pick to win the tournament) but with a poor performance and difficulty scoring the team crashed out and the jersey lost their #1 ranking as well.

1. Mexico 2018 Home Jersey by adidas (2) – The Mexico 2018 home World Cup jersey ended as the bestselling jersey for Russia 2018. The push to the top for El Tri should not come as a surprise. As the only team from CONCACAF to make the knockout phase and with the support of former U.S. international, Landon Donovan, highlighting gear on a national advertising campaign it could not be stopped.

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