The game of soccer will change dramatically on April 24.  No, FIFA is not changing the offside rule although they probably should but Apple, the technology company we have come to love and in some ways have become addicted to, is releasing their Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch, which is available for pre-sale on April 10, is more than just a great timepiece.  It is the ‘most personal device’ Apple has ever developed and will establish a bold new standard in the relationship people have with technology and the passions they love…soccer.

10. Soccer Fashion – the Apple Watch will become a standard of excellence and immediately noticeable on those who wear one each day.   It is only a matter of time before clubs and national teams from all over the world put their stamp on the watch with custom bands and maybe one day in the not too distant future have a function that allows the club colors/crest to be displayed on the face of the watch.

apple watch soccer doodle
9. Soccer Doodles
– What better way to tell your friends you are going to the bar to watch the game tonight than sending a soccer doodle.  A quick sketch of a soccer ball and pint glass and at game time you and your friends are ready for kickoff.  Or better yet, use the doodle as your creative way for some smack talk when you team beats the team on one of your friends.

8. Soccer Music – You’ll Never Walk Alone and certainly not if you are wearing the Apple Watch.  Apple is well known for their music and the Apple Watch is no different.  You can play music directly from your watch or control music on your iPhone.  When it is time for your team anthem make sure you are ready.

7. Heartbeat Tracker – Have you ever wondered how your heartbeat increased during the build-up before a goal?  Well now you will know as the Apple Watch has a heartbeat monitor that allows you to follow your heartrate.  The Watch’s Activity App also includes information on calories burned, how long you have been standing so when you get home from the game it will be obvious that you earned the full 3 points.

6. Jersey Launches/Deadline Day/Latest News – Your favorite club is unveiling their new home jersey and you want to be the first to see it and order it.  Or it is Transfer Deadline Day and you want to make sure once the target player inks his name on a contract you know.  The Apple Watch makes sure you know as it happens.  The watch has a ‘taptic engine’ for alerts and app notifications.

5. Buy Beer/Food/Jersey at Stadium – No need to have a credit card for your beer and food at the stadium.  The watch supports Apple Pay and it is only a matter of time before major venues have the ability for you to scan the watch to pay for whatever you need to watch the match.

apple watch
4. Directions to the Soccer Bar/Parking/Etc
– Following your team in a new city and want to hit the local soccer bar after the match.  The Apple Watch is connected with Siri to get turn-by-turn directions and before you know it there is a beer in your hand and passionate fans by your side.

3. Soccer Pictures – A soccer selfie at the stadium just does not capture the full experience.  The tight angle just can’t get the full scope of the stadium or the field.  But Apple Watch can be used as a viewfinder for your iPhone camera.  And it gets better as you can see a preview and snap the picture.  Your fan experience is complete with the perfectly framed story of the event.

2. Access to the Match – There is nothing worse than getting to the gate at the stadium and not being able to find your ticket.  This will never be a problem again as you will be carrying your ticket on your wrist.  Just scan the ticket from your watch and head to your seat for kickoff.

1. Scores – There is no argument that the best soccer in the world is played in Europe.  This is great for weekend fixtures but the sad reality is that domestic leagues and the UEFA Champions League play mid-week fixtures in the middle of the day when you are at work…usually in a meeting on days with big matches.  The Apple Watch allows you to discreetly follow the score from the match without having to pull out your phone. The Apps allow you to set the watch to vibrate or as apple puts it ‘tap you on the wrist’ with updates like who is finding the net while you are taking notes.

Do you know what time it is?  It’s game time.

How do you think the Apple Watch will change the way you watch soccer?