Soccer is the most popular sport in the world so it should come as no surprise that the style of the beautiful game makes a statement off the pitch.  Increasingly players, fans, and even non-fans are adopting a fashion sense inspired by soccer.

And the best part of this trend is that most of the looks are not club or league specific making them ideal for any soccer fan so we take a look at the Top 10 Soccer Lifestyle Holiday Gift Ideas from World Soccer Shop.

Top 10 Soccer Lifestyle Holiday Gift Ideas

#10 – adidas Originals – Saying the adidas Originals collection is a retro line is selling it short.  The collection is about bold designs with a classic edge and the adidas Trefoil logo at the heart of all adidas Originals.  From hats to shirts and jackets to accessories the adidas Originals collection has it all.

#9 – Soccer Scarves – The scarf is the go-to fashion accessory for 2015 and soccer has embraced the look for decades.  The scarf is a great accessories as they pull in the passion of the game and can add some burst of color to your style.



#8 – Soccer Beanies and Hats – Top off your soccer look with a soccer beanie or cap.  The beanie is perfect to have on hand in your coat pocket just for when the temperature dips and works on the training field or street depending on the night.  The soccer hat can help keep the sun out of your eyes while watching from the sidelines or sometimes the goalkeeper will feature the brim hat to help keep a clear vision on the game.

#7 – adidas Slide – The slide was developed for players when they pulled off their cleats for when they hit the showers or hit the road to head home after the game. The comfortable footwear was ideal after a 90 minute match but like many soccer looks has been adopted by others for its versatility.


#6 – Nike Women’s Tights – The athleisure look is a style that is scene in and out of the gym.  It is easy, comfortable, and looks good which is no doubt why more and more women are pulling on tights for running around town.



#5 – Soccer Gift Cards – Don’t stress out too much on the best gift for the soccer person on your list and just grab one of the most popular gifts to any store…the gift certificate.  The one piece of advice is to try and narrow down the ideal gift category and make sure to purchase a gift card for that amount.  Top of the line cleats run about $200, official team jerseys $75, official training gear in the $50 range, other accessories about $25.

#4 – Under Armour Sportstyle Logo T-Shirt – Under Armour is quietly becoming a major player in the soccer world.  The Baltimore based company has taken an aggressive approach to growing their apparel and footwear brand making the company’s logo universally known.  Be the first player to join the Under Armour team.

Still want more ideas?  Check out these ideas from magazine subscriptions to FC Santa Claus gear and just about everything in between.


#3 – Puma T-Shirts – Puma is one of the biggest brands in the world.  With the likes of Sergio Aguero and Mario Balotelli pulling on Puma cleats and sprinter Usain Bolt running away from all challengers, the leaping cat brand is instantly recognizable.  Make a statement with the bold Puma IT evoTRG Graphic T-shirts.  The style comes in 5 different color combinations so will go with any look.

#2 – adidas Samba Classic – It is hard to argue with a classic.  The black flat with iconic adidas 3-Stripes in white has developed into much more than a soccer style.  The simple look pairs well with any jean or pant and jumps out when you see it on the street.  The look is now available in the reverse white/black colorway as well.


# 1 – Nike FC Gear – Nike unveiled the Nike FC collection in 2014 and since its introduction the line has been one of the most difficult to keep on the shelves.  The line makes a bold statement in the designs of pieces and allows all those passionate to be part of the club.  “Millions have watched Nike F.C. without knowing it. Only now do these crowds know they were watching members of a club bigger than the pitch they were playing on.”