The perfect soccer gift can be hard to find but 365.WorldSoccerShop is here to help.  We have complied a list of the most requested gift ideas of our customers and are passing them along to you. The list will certainly have something for everyone from the hard core fan of a specific team to the general soccer enthusiasts.

What do you think is a great soccer gift for your soccer friends?  Include your ideas to the Comments at the bottom of the story.

Honorable Mention – #15) Finish off your look with the World Soccer Shop accessories from earrings to bracelets to watches, and more #14) Soccer Signs are a great addition to your room #13) Trusox are all the rage for professional players and will give the player on your list an added edge #12) Decorate your house/apartment/office with a soccer themed holiday ornament, #11) Keep tabs on all the big matches next year with a 2016 Soccer Calendar.

Top 10 Soccer Holiday Gifts

#10 – Pint Glasses/Drinkware – Whether you want pint glasses, shot glasses, or coffee mugs it is hard to go wrong with drinkware.  The one drawback to most drinkware is that it is team specific so requires you to know the team(s) your friend follows.



Howler-cover#9 – Howler Magazine Subscription – Howler is arguably the best soccer magazine published in the U.S.  The magazine is ‘Made in the USA…For a Global Audience’ and combines great storytelling with an eye for what is trending in the game and un-matched graphics.  Only printed 4 times a year, you will be counting down the days to the next issue the moment you close the back cover on the just completed one.


#8 – Soccer Bag with Accessories – For the soccer player on your list get them the gift they will use every week.  And take it from ordinary to extraordinary with your own special touch.  Start with a soccer bag (these come in a variety of styles and sizes) and then add your touch with a ball or maybe some shinguards or even a training top.

#7 – Official Jerseys – An official (training) jersey is great if you know the club the person on your list follows or that person likes the fashion style of wearing team gear.   WSS is the best source for official team gear in the U.S.  For bigger clubs that usually includes rare away or third jerseys or some training jerseys and WSS could be the only place other than the club story to find some jerseys of smaller clubs.

#6 – Retro Gear – We love reminiscing making the #TBT popular on social media and retro soccer jerseys are the best way to go back to the classic soccer looks of yesteryear.  The looks go back to a time when most teams did not have front of the jersey sponsors and million $ transfer fees were unheard of.


#5 –Signed Memorabilia – Sadly it is getting harder and harder to get close enough to your favorite players to get autographs.  ICONS is one company that works to get signed and authenticated autographed gear and images of players which makes for the perfect gift. From Pele to Maradona and Messi to Neymar and every big name in between it is all here.

#4 – Soccer Scarves – A ‘soccer style’ is taking over the fashion world and the scarf is the most recognizable banner of the beautiful game.  Vogue Magazine recently had an article ‘What Do David Beckham and Your Fall Wardrobe Have in Common?’ highlighting the trend and now is your chance to get a great addition to the wardrobe and a seat on the bandwagon.

AO-holiday-guide#3 – American Outlaws Membership – If you have watched or attended a US men’s or women’s soccer match, you know the American Outlaws.  The largest supporters’ group of the US national teams has provided a home feel for the Stars and Stripes when playing in the U.S. and a previously unheard of voice from the traveling support.  Local AO chapters plan night before parties, pre-match tailgates, and then cheer and chant for 90 minutes.  GO USA.

#2 – Soccer Gift Cards – Still not sure of the perfect gift?  Then a World Soccer Shop gift card may be the best and worry free solution.  The soccer player on your list can find the correct item and size to put a smile on their face.  And since gift card codes can be emailed there is always time to get that one final perfect gift.


#1 – FC Santa Claus Gear – Jolly Ol’ Santa Claus spends most of the time from January through November overseeing his elves and preparing for the holiday rush of December but most people don’t realize the runs the soccer team, FC Santa Claus, near his home in the Arctic Circle.  Official gear from the new jersey from Nike to Santa Claus inspired t-shirts makes this the perfect meeting of ugly holiday sweater with soccer passion.