The holiday season is quickly approaching and the first holiday waiting for you to add a soccer-themed twist to is Halloween.

But throwing on a jersey and maybe lacing up some cleats isn’t going to get you very much candy unless you’re under the age of ten, and it sure won’t help you be the envy of all your friends at this year’s Halloween party. No, once you’ve made it past the socially acceptable trick-or-treating age you have to pull out all the stops to get noticed – and World Soccer Shop has some brilliant ideas to impress your soccer-loving friends. Here are this year’s top ten soccer Halloween costume ideas.

10. Jose Mourinho

If you should choose to dress up as the special one, a multitude of hilarious moments become available to you. Mourinho is one of the greatest managers to ever be a part of the game, and if you can pull off the look and the persona then you’ll earn some serious respect during your Halloween festivities. Unless you’re hanging out with Arsenal fans. Speaking of Arsenal, if you’ve got a friend dressed as Arsene Wenger then spying on him all night is a great way to get into character, as is blaming everyone else at the party for your team’s shortcomings on the field.

Costume Directions: A simple suit will do, or any Chelsea training gear. This costume is more about getting into the personality of Jose. A stubbly beard is a great place to start, and if you prepare to pull off a knee slide like Mourinho did in his Real Madrid days, you’ll want to wear a suit you’re not too fond of. Unless you’re really good at removing grass stains.

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9. David Luiz or Marouane Fellaini

Marouane FellainiThe power of the afro knows no bounds. David Luiz and Marouane Fellaini are sure to be recognized and applauded as costumes. These two are lumped together because they are more or less the same, and they’re iconic enough to stand out while still being relatively simple as well.

Costume Directions: If you’ve got the hair for it, by all means, grow it out! Otherwise, an afro wig shouldn’t be too hard to find. You’ll want a stiff, black afro for Fellaini and a brown, curly, loose and bouncy one for Luiz. Any jersey that either have worn will work. Everton, Manchester United, and Belgium for Fellaini, and Chelsea, PSG, and Brazil for Luiz.

8. Mario Goetze

Great atmosphere yesterday. Top of the table!!! @dfb_team ?⚽️ #PartOfMario

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Want to dress as one of the most highly-touted young players in Europe? A player bursting with potential and promise? A World Cup winning goal scorer? Mario Goetze is your go-to. The young German has arguably hit the pinnacle of world soccer before the age of 25 and has years in front of him to continue to impress. Just make sure there aren’t any Dortmund fans at your party.

Costume Directions: This is important so pay attention – Mario Goetze has nice hair. If you don’t, this look might not be for you. Flip back that smooth, dirty blond hair with product and show up to the Halloween party in a Borussia Dortmund shirt. When your friends offer you enough money, you can tear it off and reveal the Bayern Munich shirt underneath.

7. Fuleco the Armadillo

It might be a bit out there, but Fuleco the armadillo will win you the “Cutest Costume” accolade every time. The 2014 World Cup in Brazil Mascot represents the Brazilian three-banded armadillo that has been labeled a vulnerable species of animal. You’ve got a real chance to spice up your Halloween by promoting environmental concerns, ecology and sport just like Fuleco did in 2014.

Costume Directions: The costume can be bought online if you really want to go for it. Otherwise armadillo costumes might be a bit hard to come by. Face painting is always an option and no matter what you do, don’t forget to wear a white t-shirt with “Brazil 2014” on it!

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6. Tim Howard

Winning matters, Winning ALWAYS matters #blueboys #3-0 #europa #lille

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Famous for his World Cup and USMNT heroics, Tim Howard will be an easily recognizable and widely loved Halloween costume this October. With this costume you’ll be granted free reign to yell at anyone dressed as a defender. When your Howard outfit makes you the life of an otherwise boring Halloween party, you can go ahead and add Halloween parties to the list of #ThingsTimHowardCouldSave.

Costume Directions: If you’re bald then this is the costume you should pick. Otherwise, a bald cap will do, and a big, thick beard is a must. Everton or USA goalkeeping jerseys work perfectly and gloves are a necessity. Don’t be surprised when people start throwing things at you and expect you to save them.

5. Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang

#Derbysiegesindwieein #Orgasmus #batman #robin #bvb #aubameyang #pea17 @bvb

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CrystalGabonese striker Pierre Emerick Aubameyang is making waves in Europe after impressing at St. Etienne and then setting the world alight with his goals at Borussia Dortmund.  The goal scorer is a great pick for costumes because of the huge amounts of flexibility he gives you, and no matter what you chose to go with, his outfits are sure to get you noticed.

Costume Directions: If you’ve got the cash, splash on an overly expensive pair of crystal-studded boots that Pierre wore in a pregame warm up for St. Etienne. Throw on a green top and flashy spiked hairstyle and you’re good to go. Or, the second, more reserved option is to dress in an Aubameyang jersey and then throw on a Spiderman or Batman mask and run around celebrating goals.

4. Sepp Blatter

If you want to incite your friends with laughter and have an endless supply of corruption jokes on hand for the whole night, look no further than Mr. FIFA himself, Sepp Blatter. The FIFA president has been up to some shady business for some time now and his running of the world’s largest footballing organization has come under question on numerous occasions. This won’t be the most recognizable costume ever, so you’ll have to clear things up by buying the votes for best costume and slipping some money under the table in exchange for more candy.

Costume Directions: All you’ll need is a suit, a pair of a glasses, and a falsely oblivious attitude. Pockets full of fake money will help you pull of the jokes mentioned above and more. Carrying around a replica World Cup trophy might help you be recognized more as well.

3. Brek Shea

Chopped and screwed!

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Dane Brekken Shea is a U.S. soccer icon because of his skillful play and his hair. It’s true. His long and shaggy blond hair is a standout compared to most other players and so your Brek costume is sure to stand out amongst the crowd as well. Brek’s style is unique and a thing of his own, and a glance at his Instagram page will fill you with ideas should a soccer-only look not satisfy you. His Instagram will also point you to his go-to move – the hand covering the face. Be sure to get this one nailed down before going door to door asking for candy.

Costume Directions: Grow out some long, bright blond hair or find a wig. You can put it up in a man-bun, or let it all hang loose – that’s your call. If you’re looking for serious hair inspiration, take a look at Brek’s hair from his Stoke days and take your pick from Mohawks, spikes, and corn rows. FC Dallas jerseys, Stoke jerseys, Orlando City jerseys, and USMNT jerseys will finish off the look.

2. Arsene Wenger

Mr. Wenger is one of the most successful coaches in soccer history, and he’s one of the longest serving managers in the world. And he’s the perfect Halloween costume as well. Fair warning – you’ll never win the costume competition in this outfit as your witty friends are likely to give you 4th place every time, but  you can counter that by telling them that 4th place is “like a trophy.” When your friend shows up to the party late, bail him out of embarrassment by telling everyone he’ll be “like a new signing.”

Costume Directions: Arsene usually wears a suit with a red tie, but you’ll need either a Nike or Puma Bench Jacket to really hammer this one home. Don’t worry if your zipper gets stuck. It’ll just help you fit the part more.

1. Alexi Lalas

Loved by some, hated by others, Alexi Lalas divides opinion. But his look does not. And his costume will receive unanimous plaudits should you pull it off right. The former USMNT defender-turned-analyst is something of an icon in American soccer right now and he’s a perfect way to get prepped for a soccer Halloween. You can go for the player or analyst look and make this one work.

Costume Directions: If you’re going for analyst, a suit will do and rants about tactics and set pieces will round out the Lalas attitude nicely. An antagonistic Twitter presence helps here as well.  If the player look is the root you take then focus on red hair. If you don’t have that, or a wig, you might as well pass this one up. If you’ve got a 1994 USA jersey, that’s where Alexi had some of his most iconic moments. Otherwise, decking yourself out in as much red, white and blue as possible also works. A big red beard and goatee round out the old-school Alexi look nicely, but you could get away with being clean shaven if the rest of your costume is spot on.