Halloween is around the corner and the holiday offers a great chance to find your alter ego and dress-up as a favorite player, the crazy headline maker, or just about any other soccer related aspect of the game.  World Soccer Shop takes a look at 10 ideas for in-form soccer Halloween costumes that are sure to score big.

10. Ray Hudson

Oh, we are in for a real treat tonight!  The beauty and passion of the game will be on display as players put their special touch on the outcome.  With passions so high there will moments of sheer brilliance while the absolute howler is not out of the question.  But with the final whistle these boys will have left everything out on the field with only a bag of candy to show for it.

Halloween Costume Directions: Find some glasses, pull on your black Dairy Queen jersey, practice the accent and how to wax-poetic, get a bag of Chips Ahoy, and you are set. Magisterial!

9. Roy Keane

Roy Keane wanted to always make sure his point got across when he took the field for Manchester United.  The enforcer in the central midfield for the Red Devils never shied away from a challenge and with his stone-faced look he played the part beautifully in helping Sir Alex Ferguson’s side to 7 Premier League titles, 1 UEFA Champions League title, and a collection of FA Cup and Community Shield and other silverware. The 43-year-old has made some enemies with his post-playing days tell-all autobiographies.

Halloween Costume Directions: Grow out salt-n-pepper beard with extra salty chin.  Practice the stone-faced evil stare and be ready to stand behind your convictions. Order Manchester United jersey for Roy Keane.

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8. Miguel Herrera

Mexico came close to disaster by nearly missing out on the 2014 World Cup.  El Tri Colores were forced to qualify via the playoff against New Zealand.  The man behind getting the CONCACAF side to Brazil and leading them out of the Group stage was head coach Miguel Herrera.

Halloween Costume Directions: For a more reserved look this Halloween all you need is a dark blue suit (with green badge), white shirt, and green tie. Bring your own passion.

7. Jurgen Klinsmann

Not quite ready to go head-over-heels for Mexico?  How about the more casual, yoga inspired, fly my helicopter to training approach of U.S. head coach Jurgen Klinsmann.  The Stars and Stripes easily qualified and advanced from the Group of Death in Brazil.

Halloween Costume Directions: Get a pair of U.S. national team polo, pair of khakis, and Nike running shoes.  Costume complete.  Optional: cap and U.S. national team rain jacket.  And to really nail this one, make sure to have the black watch.

Or you could go with the more formal look when Klinsmann was calling the shots for Germany.

Halloween Costume Directions: Get a European slim cut white shirt, roll-up sleeves, and black pants.  Optional: a thick black watch.  Warning: this costume requires more passion than the U.S. version and to pull off most likely requires a minimum of 1 goal scoring celebratory knee-slide

6. Arjen Robben

You either love him or hate him, which makes for the perfect Halloween look.  The Netherlands winger had some moments of superb play in Brazil but is most often remembered for his dive that earn the Dutch the game winning PK.  The Bayern Munich player is known for going down with the slightest of touches which provides the inspiration for this costume.

Halloween Costume Directions: Get the official Netherlands home jersey in orange.  Order diving mask and snorkel and you are ready to go down.

5. Mohamed bin Hammam

Do you want the World Cup 2026 held in your backyard?  It is easy if you can dress the part and have the right connections.  Mohamed bin Hammam just can’t seem to outrun the allegations of the part he played in Qatar winning the rights to host the 2022 World Cup so don’t discount that with the right look you can get it done.  This is the first step in walking the walk.

Halloween Costume Directions: Find a turban and bed sheet (or grey suit) and make sure to have the silver briefcase to hold lots of cash.  To give some legitimacy make it a group costume and have your friends dress up as the mascots from the last soccer tournament you hosted in your back yard.  For best results send Sepp Blatter a tweet saying you are ready to host.

4. Full Kit Wanker

It is one thing to spot the passionate fan with his full team kit on at the stadium but probably draws curious stares when out on the town other times of the week.  Well except for Halloween of course.  This is the perfect time to once again dress-up to support your club even when there is no game being played.  This Lionel Messi want-to-be was spotting picking up his luggage at the airport by Full Kit Wankers…or is that Messi?

Halloween Costume Directions: Get the official jersey of your favorite team and then kit it out with the official shorts and socks (Note: team shorts and socks are not always available in the U.S. which may require you to order directly from the club store).

3. Vincent Tan tan-vincent-halloween It is Halloween every time that Cardiff City F.C. takes the field and owner Vincent Tan is in town.  The Malaysian owner is still trying to balance the culture of soccer supporter in the UK vs billionaire businessman.  And it only confuses matters when fans regularly copy the look of the owner, lending some credibility to the look.

Halloween Costume Directions:  Gat a dark blue suit, white button down, and tie.  Pull the official Cardiff City soccer jersey on over the button down and tuck into slacks.  Dark sunglasses and your look is complete.  Dark blue suit coat over the jersey, optional.

2. Luiz Suarez

This one will bring out some haters but will no doubt be the most popular soccer related costume of the 2014 season.  Uruguay’s Luiz Suarez went in for a quick bite on Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini.  The incident was the 3rd biting in his career and earned the striker a 4-month ban from soccer.

Halloween Costume Directions: Get the official Uruguay jersey.  Find a $1 pair of vampire Halloween costume teeth.  Get down to business.  First bite should be on collarbone, second bite on the arm, and finish with a shoulder nibble.  Un-suspecting party go-ers are best victims.  If anyone questions what you are doing pretend your teeth are sore from eating candied apples.

1. Landon Donovan

The best player in U.S. soccer history, Landon Donovan, announced that he will hang up his cleats at the end of the season.  The midfielder/forward was controversially left off Klinsmann’s World Cup roster but despite being disappointed the player made the coach look childish.  He ended his national team and MLS as the career leader in goals and assists.  He has made the 2nd most appearances for the Stars and Stripes.

Halloween Costume Directions: Get the official U.S. Soccer men’s national team jersey or USA Donovan t-shirt, collect caps, bang in goals, serve up assists and be clutch in high pressure moments.

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What cool, funny, scary costumes have we left off the list?  Send your suggestions to World Soccer Shop.