Social media and soccer are both an everyday part of everyone’s life, so it is no wonder that many of the largest soccer clubs in the world are attracting huge a number of followers on their main social media channels.

The top soccer clubs are eager to spread the love on what makes them so special and hopefully in the process find a new fan eager to be a part of the club and buy a club jersey to show the colors.

The Top 10 have remained largely the same since we last took a look at the club social media follower in 2015. The only change in clubs is Juventus replacing AC Milan in the Top 10. Paris Saint Germain has improved their ranking and with the recent signing of Neymar will most likely to continue to improve their position.

Soccer365.com looks at the Top 10 soccer clubs with the largest following on social media. We looked at their presence and number of fans on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

* These stats are accurate as of August 22nd, 2017 *

10. Manchester City. 36.01 Million Followers

Facebook: 26.1 M
Twitter: 4.71 M
Instagram: 5.2 M

The Blue half of Manchester starts off the list with over 36 million followers. With Pep Guardiola and a young core of players, and a rumor of Lionel Messi potentially joining the club, the number could be on the rise soon.

9. Juventus. 42.77 Million Followers

Facebook: 30.1 M
Twitter: 4.97 M
Instagram: 7.7 M

The kings of Italian soccer top the Italian club team chart by almost 9 million more followers than second place AC Milan who narrowly missed out on the list.

8. Liverpool. 42.79 Million Followers

Facebook: 30.1 M
Twitter: 8.19 M
Instagram: 4.5 M

In the narrowest of margains, Liverpool beats out Juventus. This could be a place to watch in terms of Juventus and Liverpool swapping places.

7. Paris Saint-Germain. 45.48 Million Followers

Facebook: 31.3 M
Twitter: 5.08 M
Instagram: 9.1 M

Surprised that PSG is not higher on the list? Perhaps the arrival of Neymar from Barcelona and his rise to stardom will eventually propel PSG high on the list and potentially into the top. But it will take a lot more followers to even catch the next club.

6. Bayern Munich. 58.01 Million Followers

Facebook: 43.4 M
Twitter: 3.91 M
Instagram: 10.7M

Despite having a smaller twitter following than several other clubs behind them, Bayern’s Facebook and Instagram presence truly put the club head and shoulder above PSG.

5. Arsenal. 59.1 Million Followers

Facebook: 38.1 M
Twitter: 11 M
Instagram: 10 M

The Gunners have become one of the most followed clubs in world football over the past several decades, so it is not surprise that their social media following is among the top 5 in the world.

4. Chelsea. 67.52 Million Followers

Facebook: 48 M
Twitter: 9.62 M
Instagram: 9.9 M

Chelsea’s following could grow by another 100K anytime now as the club is close to cracking the 10 Million mark on Instagram.

3. Manchester United. 106.1 Million Followers

Facebook: 74 M
Twitter: 13.3 M
Instagram: 18.1 M

A club that has defined English soccer not only blows away all English clubs in followers, but is consistently rising. 106 million may seem like a number that can’t be beat touched but the two clubs that are ahead of United, are in a class of their own.

2. Barcelona. 178.1 Million Followers

Facebook: 103.4 M
Twitter: 23 M
Instagram: 51.7 M

The famous Red and Blue striped Barcelona comes in at a staggering 178.1 Million followers. The likes of Ronaldinho, Messi, Neymar and so many other star players playing at the club has put them squarely in 2nd place.

1. Real Madrid. 183 Million Followers

Facebook: 105.6 M
Twitter: 25.1 M
Instagram: 52.1 M

Rounding out the list is none other than Real Madrid. The Royal club of Spain is leading all other clubs in every single category. It would take a lot to overtake RM in any category. I would not be surprised if nearly everyone who reads this is following Real Madrid on some platform.

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