The 2014 World Cup is less than 1 month away but fans have been preparing since the start of the year. Unlike the players, the fans are running more or working on their skills but purchasing official jerseys to wear during big matches and to show their support during the tournament.

The World Cup always brings additional exposure for a team’s official jersey and if past years are an indicator not a large enough supply. We asked the World Soccer Shop what their top selling international jerseys have been since January 1, 2014 and here’s the list.

Spain Home Jersey

10. Spain Home – This is not a surprise. The bandwagon got rolling when La Furia Roja won Euro 2008, became standing room only when they won the 2010 World Cup, and keeps on growing as they win more trophies, including Euro 2012. They are the only nation to be holders of 3 major international trophies….take that Brazil. This is a great jersey with the World Cup winners badge and the 1 star over the national federation badge.


Argentina Home Jersey

9. Argentina Home – One of the truly classic soccer jerseys with the white/sky blue vertical stripes. The traditional look really pops this year with the addition of the black detailing for the collar, 3-strips on sleeve, and cuffs. La Albiceleste have 2 stars over their federation badge having won the 1978 World Cup on home soil and the 1986 World Cup in Mexico. Have you ever heard of Diego Maradona? He wore the famous colors and inspired the victory in 1986. Lionel Messi, the game’s top player, now has the pressure to provide Argentina a 3rd World Cup title and in the process put his name in the mix as the best player of all-time.

Italy Home Jersey

8. Italy Home – Italy have won an impressive 4 World Cups (1934, 1938, 1982, 2006) and have the stars to prove it incorporated in the federation badge. A cool look. The Azzurri regularly make it to the later stages (even in years they don’t win it) and the look is perfect for any setting.

Germany Away Jersey

7. Germany Away – Germany takes care business on the field in a very orderly fashion. They are best known for their white home jerseys but have made a splash and sold lots of jerseys with this year’s red/black hooped jersey. One of the best looking jerseys headed to this summer’s World Cup.

Colombia Home Jersey

6. Colombia Home – Colombia last qualified for the World Cup in 1998 and this year fans were eager to grab the newest jersey of Los Cafeteros. Like most South American sides, this jersey shouts out with its bold yellow color with blue detailing. And the diagonal striping really adds to the look.

Mexico Home Jersey

5. Mexico Home – It is surprising this jersey is not higher on the list with the passionate Mexican fan base in the U.S. but a top 5 finish is pretty good nonetheless. The jersey, much like the team’s play, got off to a slow start but the slate is clear for the start of the tournament. El Tri Colores fans need to realize their side does better on the big stage of the World Cup than any other and need to be ready to show off their colors.

USA Home Jersey

4. USA Home – A simple jersey that some complain look too much like a golf shirt but regardless it is the primary jersey of the Stars and Stripes and a must for fans. The jersey, like most of Nike’s Federation kits, looks much better in person. At the end of the day a must for any true fan. This one should finish the year #2!

Germany Home Jersey

3. Germany Home – Die Mannschaft is 1 of only 2 teams to make the list twice. A great seller any year the home jersey just gets a boost during World Cup years. Germany has really made the white look their own as most other top teams (e.g. Brazil, Italy, Argentina, etc) in the world have other colors for their primary jersey. This year’s jersey has a special look with the 3-tone red chevron across the chest which is perfect background for the Federation badge, and 3-stars, as well as the adidas logo, a longtime sponsor of the team and soccer.

Brazil Home Jersey

2. Brazil Home – If there is a team completely associated with their jersey that team is Brazil. The yellow jersey with green trim is instantly recognizable and with a record 5-stars above the Federation badge something to behold. This year’s jersey is simple yet bold and will have the collective breaths of a nation held in unison as the Selecao try and add a 6th star. This jersey may be the 1 good thing that came from Brazil coming so close but failing to win the World Cup when they last hosted in 1950. The primary jersey for Brazil at the time was a white jersey with blue trim. This jersey is much better!

USA Away Jersey

1. USA Away – The Bomb Pop! When the jersey has a nickname before it is released then it must be something special. For all the complaints, the jersey looks great on the field. This may be partially due to the solid red back or just time mellowing opinions but 20 years from now you will want a Bomb Pop.

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