By Allie Hales – With the 3rd annual MLS jersey week completed and all 20 teams with a new look for the 2015 campaign, we decided to give our Top 10 looks that were debuted over the previous 7+ days. These are the jerseys that for one reason or another stood above the rest and will surely become loved by the home fans.

Top 10 MLS Jersey Week Releases

2015 philadelphia union home jersey10.  Philadelphia Union Away Jersey – Holding the #10 spot for this season is the Philadelphia Union. The City of Brotherly Love side is the only team in MLS with their team crest and adidas logo in the center of the jersey below the collar.  Well done.  It stands out, looks good, and surely will be copied in coming seasons by other teams.  The white jersey has black and gold details.

2015 houston dynamo home jersey9. Houston Dynamo Home Jersey – It is impossible to miss the Houston Dynamo with their orange and white team colors.  This season’s home jersey is toned down some with a unique design with the orange fading to white as you move from the top to the bottom of the jersey.  The white portion at the bottom of the jersey has a diagonal crisscross pattern which gives it a vibrant look.  The jersey finished off with their ‘don’t mess with Texas’ statement by including the Texas state flag on the bottom left of the jersey.

new york city fc 2015 home soccer jersey8. New York City Football Club Home Jersey – The 2nd team for New York but the 1st to be located in the Big Apple, New York City FC has caught the imaginations of the locals and has them donning the light blue jerseys.  The jersey is an adidas version of the Manchester City jersey as both teams are owned by the Abu Dhabi United Group.  The jersey includes a badge inspired by subway mosaics saying ‘Inaugural Season’ at the bottom left waist.

215 chicago fire away soccer jersey7. Chicago Fire Away Jersey – The Chicago flag is the inspiration for the new Fire away jersey and gives it the touch of light blue.  The 2 thick horizontal stripes in light blue above and below the Quaker sponsorship logo do a great job of making the sponsor logo stand-out and pulling the eye back to the team badge which also uses the light blue color.

d.c. united away soccer jersey 20156. DC United Away Jersey – 4-time MLS Cup champions D.C. United has always had one of the best looking jerseys in MLS. The Black-and-Red continue that tradition with the 2015 away jersey really standing out from the crowd.  The White jersey has a great red detail across the chest with the top a solid red, which helps the team badge stand out, slowly fading to white as the red horizontal stripes get smaller and smaller toward the bottom of the jersey.  The jersey is sure to be a huge success with the league’s oldest supporter’s group, La Barra Brava, as one of their chants ‘Vamos United Esta Noche Tenemos Que Ganar’ (Let’s go United, Tonight we have to Win) is included on the inside of the collar.

We are at the mid-point of our Top 10.  Take a second to look at all the jerseys released during MLS Jersey Week.  What teams would you include on a Top 10 list of new releases?

new york red bulls 2015 home soccer jersey5. New York Red Bulls Home Jersey – The Red Bull logo dominates the New York Red Bulls jersey and gives the jersey ‘wings’ and makes it really cool.  The jersey has some cool features in addition to the sponsor logo including a tribute to the original New York/New Jersey MetroStars with a black and red application on the inside of the collar, ‘Est. 1996’ making it perfectly clear which NY team was the first, and a simple skyline text saying ‘New York’ on the bottom left of the jersey.  And this jersey could be a collector’s item one day with rumors suggesting that Red Bull is looking to sell the team so the famous logo may no longer be branded on the team jersey.

new england revolution away soccer jersey 20154. New England Revolution Away Jersey – The Revolution may have, well, the most revolutionary jersey release of the season.  The away jersey is inspired by the flag of the New England region with a red, white, and green color combination.  The red is a little lighter than the Revs traditional red but it is the green on the triangular inset collar and on the adidas badge that screams change.  This will most likely become either the most loved or hated jersey in recent club history depending on whose opinion you ask.

3. LA Galaxy away jersey 2015LA Galaxy Away Jersey – The Galaxy could have kept the same away jersey and it would have still changed!  After winning last year’s MLS Cup, the southern California side added an unprecedented 5th star to their jersey.  The new 2-tone blue jersey with gold details has 4 white stars above the team crest with an additional 5th gold star above them.

vancouver whitecaps 2015 home soccer jersey2. Vancouver Whitecaps Home Jersey – The Whitecaps new home jersey is understated but makes a bold statement.  The white jersey has a subtle blue gradient style design in the shape of the team badge representing the water and mountains of Vancouver across the chest.  While the Caps have only been in MLS since 2011, they are the oldest team in North America being founded in 1974 and playing in the old North American Soccer League and have the ‘1974’ tribute on the back of the jersey.

Orlando City 2015 Home soccer jersey1. Orlando City Home Jersey – Orlando City has their first honor by taking the top spot in our Top 10.  Along with New York City FC. Orlando FC has the opportunity to give fans a completely new look and they delivered with a regal purple home jersey that looks to the future while paying tribute to the past.  The team’s new updated badge for MLS is located on the left chest but the old badge used during their USL years behind the badge on the inside of the jersey.  The 2-tone purple jersey is given an added regal touch with gold detailing.

What jerseys would you include on your Top 10 MLS jersey releases for 2015?  Is there a jersey we are missing or did we hit on the high points?

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