Because MLS launches its season in early March, the past few weeks have been a kit lover’s dream, with teams across the U.S. and Canada revealing their new looks for the season. Amidst the established looks and the new trends emerging—namely, the clean, all-white kits that a number of teams are adopting for the road — the Soccer365 team have found 10 of our favorites for the 2018 season.


10. Toronto FC home


Top 10 MLS 2018 kits


The red-on-red hoops design with the gray sleeves isn’t a huge departure for MLS’s original Canadian standard bearers, but there’s a big difference in this year’s jerseys: The gold star above the crest, earned with its 2017 MLS Cup victory.

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9. Orlando City SC home


Top 10 MLS 2018 kits


Since coming into the league in 2015, Florida’s sole MLS team has made purple its own, and the 2018 edition of the familiarly-hued home jersey adds a three-button collar to win some style points. Its also hard not to like the teams crest that incorporates both the teams and states nicknames. (The Lions and The Sunshine State)

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8. Seattle Sounders FC home


Top 10 MLS 2018 kits


While the Sounders are still going with Rave Green, they’re doing so in a unique and new fashion this year. The brush stroke pattern of darker and lighter variants of the distinctive Sounders color is different on every single jersey. The fan phrase, “you will hear us” is implemented into the back collar of this kit. The distinctive look and fan focused nature of this kit lands it at number 8 on our list.

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7. Portland Timbers away


Top 10 MLS 2018 kits


While the home kits are still looking sharp, with gold on dark green, the Timbers away jersey brings back white for the first time since the 2012-13 season, and it’s perhaps the best executed of the trending white away kits. The green and gold accents on this kit are perfectly implemented, making it impossible to leave them out of our top 10 ranking.

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6. Sporting Kansas City home


Top 10 MLS 2018 kits


SKC has one of the most consistent looks in the league, with its light blue home jerseys and indigo accents, and has added four white pinstripes to the front for this year’s edition—as well as a white collar to give it some class. The fans of KC certainly love the jersey and so do we, leaving them at six on our list.

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5. Columbus Crew SC away


Top 10 MLS 2018 kits


The Crew SC are back in black, again, for their 2018 away matches and have landed in the top 5 of our rankings. This year’s take on last year’s somber but sharp-looking road jerseys are even more definitively black than last year’s variants (and if you prefer a less mournful look, the yellow home kits utilize last year’s checkerboard striping). With a potential move for the team coming next year, this kit will certainly be a memorable one for the Columbus area.

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4. Atlanta United home


Top 10 MLS 2018 kits


While this year’s away jerseys playfully utilize peach (the color) as a hat-tip to Atlanta’s favorite fruit, the home jerseys keep to the Five Stripes nickname. The MLS attendance kings have, in just their second season, one of the most identifiable jerseys in the league.

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3. LAFC home


Top 10 MLS 2018 kits


MLS’s newest team did great work on the foundation of this jersey even before committing it to fabric—the art deco-inspired crest and black and gold color scheme create a winning identity, and it comes together in this debut home kit.

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2. Houston Dynamo away


Top 10 MLS 2018 kits


While this year’s home Dynamo jersey is an excellent take on their signature orange, the away kit is what’s really turning heads—it’s black, but with multiple, stacked yellow-and-orange stripes reminiscent of classic Houston Astros jersey. In a year in which Houston is celebrating the Astros’ World Series in, the tie-in will resonate with Dynamo fans looking to make their own winning history. This unique tie-in has landed this kit in the number two spot.

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1. DC United home


Top 10 MLS 2018 kits


MLS’s first champions have retooled their home look on the heels of a dynamic crest redesign, launching this kit to the number one spot in our jersey ranking. The silver-and-black narrow hoops and black sleeves make this a distinctive departure from past DC United kits, with just enough hint of red on the collar to make the look pop even more. These will look fantastic at the team’s new home field, debuting this season.

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Which are your favorite 2018 MLS jerseys? Share in the comments section below!