Almost every soccer fan in the world loves some jerseys from the 80s, 90s and early 00s, when brands were not afraid to try bold things and delivered some unique looks that teams and fans won’t forget easily. Lotto was one of them, and here are 10 memorable jerseys from the Italian brand from back then.


TSV 1860 Munich 1994/95 home jersey

They may not be the most popular club in Munich, but they have worn some really good kits. This is a really rare 1860 Munich kit from the mid 90s, when Lotto went for some kind of stencil/street art style, quite trendy nowadays.


TSV 1860 Munich 1994/95 home jersey

TSV 1860 Munich 1994/95 home jersey. Photo by Vintagefootballshirts.com


AC Milan 1996/97 away jersey

Milan away kit from 1996 is a thing of beauty. All black with furious red details, and a beautiful logo themed pattern on the fabric.


AC Milan 1996/97 away jersey

AC Milan 1996/97 away jersey. Photo from Pinterest.


Torino 1994/95 home jersey

1994/95 Torino kits home and away are both good looking ones. The classic burgundy home kit has a buttoned collar and stands as our favorite from the collection.


Torino 1994/95 home jersey

Torino 1994/95 home jersey. Photo by Vintagefootballshirts.com


Juventus 2002/03 home jersey

This Juventus home kit from 2002 is well remembered for its sporting success. The most remarkable thing about this design is the back of the shirt, that copy the style of Juve´s badge for the players number and name.


Juventus 2002/03 home jersey

Juventus 2002/03 home jersey. Photo by Vintagefootballshirts.com

Juventus 2002/03 home jersey

Juventus 2002/03 home jersey. Photo from Theovallog.wordpress.com


Napoli 1994/95 away jersey

The 1994/95 Napoli kits featured a similar style to the Torino ones. However, it was the audacious design for the away jersey that caught the eye of many fans.


Napoli 1994/95 away jersey

Napoli 1994/95 away jersey. Photo by Vintagefootballshirts.com


Wales 1996/98 home jersey

This Wales home shirt remains a fan-favorite thanks to its beautiful design with two vertical stripes on it chest in the national colors.


Wales 1996/98 home kit

Wales 1996/98 home jersey. Photo from Lagaleriadelfutbol.blogspot.com.co


Netherlands 1996 home jersey

This is truly an unique kit, and one of the best in soccer history. Forget about the small flags all over the collar and cuffs, the real star here is the printed picture on the front depicting national team players celebrating a goal.


Netherlands 1996 home jersey

Netherlands 1996 home jersey. Photo from Oldfootballshirts.com


AC Milan 1993/94 home jersey

This may be the most iconic Lotto kit of all time. AC Milan 1993 home jersey is the perfect kit for this team; pretty and accurate, there is nothing left or missing in this design.


AC Milan 1993/94 home jersey

AC Milan 1993/94 home jersey. Photo from whoateallthepies.tv


Croatia 1998 home jersey

The 1998 Croatian home jersey will be remembered forever. Not just because of that surprising team that clinched the third place on the France World Cup, but because it was a pretty and bold design. Instead of the classic Croatia checked pattern, it seems like Lotto threw a flag over the shoulders of the players and came out with this timeless kit.


Croatia 1998 home jersey

Croatia 1998 home jersey. Photo from croatiaweek.com


Which Lotto jerseys do you remember? Throw us a line in the comments section below!