By Ian Ennis
– With the popularity of soccer in the US, there is a new and continuously developing ‘soccer style’ that fans carry with them on and off the field.  Fans show their love for the sport and/or the club or national team they support through their casual looks and with the start of school around the corner WSS has compiled the Top 10 Back to School Soccer Styles that will surely be seen on campus.

Top 10 Back to School Soccer Styles

Arsenal retro jersey#10 – Retro Soccer Gear Classic looks never go out of style and the retro soccer gear is probably a look you and your parents will agree is cool.  For the most part these are simple and iconic which highlight a golden era in the team’s history.



Nike Just Do It T-Shirt#9 – the Nike Swoosh The Nike swoosh is one of the most recognizable logos in the world and their famed slogan ‘Just Do It’ still resonates with fans.  Shoes, t-shirt, or other Nike gear with the Swoosh will show you are cool and is ideal for the student who will grab any chance to kick the ball in between classes.


USA Soccer t-shirt#8 – Soccer T-Shirts Soccer t-shirts can take a simple phrase or graphic and make a profound statement about your love for the game.  And the selection of soccer tees is extensive with every country represented, many club teams with a line of t-shirts, t-shirts for World Cups, and more.   And possibly the best part of the t-shirt options is most are available in youth and adult sizes as well as men’s and women’s cuts.

adidas Samba #7 – adidas Samba
The adidas Samba Classics are perfect leisure shoes for school. The classic look coupled with comfort make them the perfect option for footwear. Plus, you will have the upper hand on your friends if a game of pickup starts up.



Fifa Women's World Cup Canada 2015#6 – 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup Gear The 2015 Women’s World Cup was earlier this summer with the USWNT winning an unprecedented 3rd title.  Whether you want to support the Stars and Stripes with the champion’s tee the players wore after their victory and on their ticker-tape parade in NYC or support another country that played in Canada it is all there…but going fast.

FC Santa Claus Home Jersey#5 – FC Santa Claus Home Jersey – One of the coolest elements on our list, an FC Santa Claus jersey will make you the envy of your friends. The jersey, sold exclusively at World Soccer Shop, will probably not be seen anywhere else in your hometown. The delightful story of the team as well as the jersey will surely have you walking through the halls in style. Ho, Ho, Ho.

USA away soccer jersey 2015#4 – USA National Team Gear (Men’s Team Gear and Women’s Team Gear) – Students may argue over which club team or player is the best but the one passion all soccer fans in the US can agree on is the love for the national teams.  The Stars and Stripes unite all the fans under one flag.  And the official gear made by Nike has a great look with the team’s official jerseys, polos, t-shirts, hats and more that can be worn on the field while playing or in the classroom. USA, USA, USA!

Soccer Cleats#3 – Soccer Cleats –
The start of school can mean only 1 thing…the start of fall soccer leagues. Before searching for your old pair only to find they are too small order a new pair of soccer cleats and be ready to get in the game.


Soccer Backpacks#2 – Soccer Backpacks –
Backpacks are the most popular back to school item sold every year in the U.S. so since you have to have one why not show your passion for your favorite team or just get a backpack from your favorite soccer brand – adidas, Nike, Puma, etc – that are designed with soccer in mind.  The soccer backpack can carry books from class to class during the day and serve to haul your cleats and ball to training after the final bell.

Soccer Jerseys #1 – Authentic Jerseys – Authentic soccer jerseys have become one of the hottest styles and have a classy look that goes well in the classroom as well as on the field.  And the options are larger than ever with more European club jerseys available in the US as well as Major League Soccer jerseys.  And the bigger clubs are starting to make sure their home, away, and sometimes even third jerseys are available.

Live your passion in the classroom and on the field.

World Soccer Shop is the best source for official soccer gear as well as soccer team gear.  Get in the Gear, Get in the Game.