The Portland Timbers have one of the best kits in MLS but that does not explain why head coach Caleb Porter was a ‘full kit wanker,’ wearing the club’s jersey, short, and socks, at a recent training session.

Despite being the top man, Porter was held accountable for being late to a team meeting and forced to spin the ‘fine wheel’ and you guessed it he landed on ‘full kit wanker.’ The Timbers kit man, Sam Yonnie, made sure he had the complete look customizing a jersey with ‘Wanker’ on the back.



“We had a coaching educator in town and we were chatting and lost track of time, so I was a minute late,” Porter said on Oregonlive.com. “So, I had to spin and there are different things that you land on and the one I landed on was I had to show up to the training ground with a full kit on. I had to follow through on my end of the bargain.”

The Timbers are using the ‘fine wheel’ to keep everyone accountable. In addition to ‘full kit wanker,’ there are spots for bringing food for teammates, do something comical, or small dollar fines.

You can be a ‘Wanker’ with a 2017 Portland Timbers jersey from World Soccer Shop