adidas have launched the dramatic new limited edition installment of the #ThereWillBeHaters collection in the form of the Love/Hate adiZero f50.
The new adiZero f50 Tattoo pack is unlike any cleat we have seen from adidas for a long, long time. Encapsulating the creativity and self-expression that only the very best players are capable of, adidas have jumped on the bandwagon and gone with a different design on either foot.
The left and right cleats feature separate motifs that highlight the themes of love and hate. The right cleat features a menacing skull motif, designed to emphasize strength, power and hatred. The left cleat is the polar opposite, consisting of bright colors, diverse designs and a rose symbolizing a player’s love for the game. Taking into account the intricacy and contrast of the two designs, there’s no denying that this latest release is nothing short of stunning.
The quite literal juxtaposition of love and hate on the Tattoo pack contributes to the wider narrative of the #therewillbehaters campaign. As a professional, having “haters” is the ultimate compliment. The best players know that a great performance will always come with some form of hate and if anything, they thrive off it and make no apology in doing so. (just ask Luis Suarez)
While the cleat itself may look very different, it is still the same f50 adiZero that has established itself as the ultimate weapon to maximize speed and maneuverability. The 3D dribbletex layer on the upper optimizes speed dribbling in all conditions while the grip texture; stud configuration and second layer of traction on the forefoot base provide maximum maneuverability.
This is a huge new addition to the already explosive #therewillbehaters collection, and one that we imagine people will be rushing to get their hands on come release day on March 9, especially as its limited edition. Not to worry though, they will be available at WorldSoccerShop!