The global nature of soccer means a fan is frequently not in the same time zone as the team they follow.  And the attempts to covertly follow the action during a work meeting, at a wedding, etc is frowned upon so London based watch designer Richard Hopstroff has come up with an answer.  The HotBlack watch.


The analogue watch works like any watch with a primary time dial and 3 smaller dials.  During matches of your favorite team, the smaller dials track the action.  The top dial keeps your team’s score, the middle dial the opposing team score, and the bottom dial shows the time remaining in the match.  When no match is being played the dials show the date and a second hand.

The watch connects with a HotBlack app on iPhone or Android via Bluetooth.  The wearer selects the team they follow and then get the reports on their watch during matches.

The beauty of the watch is that a quick glance tells the wearer all they need to know while not drawing unwanted attention to why the repeated glances at the time.

The HotBlack watch project was launched on kickstarter on June 23 in hopes of raising money to lower the cost to produce the watch and make it available to soccer fans around the globe.