The revolution of the game of soccer has arrived. Adidas has discontinued their traditional Predator, Nitrocharge, 11Pro and F50 silos. After years of research and feedback from the best players and managers in the world, there was only one conclusion: There are two types of players, there’s only chaos or control. This is it, now it’s just X15 or ACE15.

X15 – For the game changers:
Some players embody chaos, they cannot be controlled. They’re the ones who can change the course of any game with a moment of brilliance. The X15 silo is specially designed for those relentless players who destroy every defense that comes in their way.
“The TECHFIT COLLAR offers a compression fit around the ankle for superior support and fit. The X-CLAW base is built to give complete traction with a lightweight feel. The innovative X-CAGE is built for the most dynamic and agile players in the world. A fragmented and lightweight design gives ultimate support during the most agile movements. The X-SKIN is made up of a complex three layered system that delivers comfort, protection and performance in any conditions.” – states Adidas about the X15 cleats.
These cleats will be used by some of the world’s most dangerous players, like Thomas Müller, Gareth Bale, Luis Suárez, Karim Benzema and Álvaro Morata.

ACE15 – For the playmakers:
On the other hand, there are players who control the game. They’re the ones who guide their teams and make all the decisions and bring order to the game. The ACE15 silo was created thinking about those cold and calm players who analyze every aspect of the game.
“The revolutionary CONTROL WEB gives ultimate ball control, thanks to an engineered 3D material. A 3-layer compound combines with grippy EVA for an unbeatable touch. A ground breaking new stud configuration puts more studs on the ball during foot-over moves to allow for complete ball control. The unique NSG (Non-stop grip) skin uses 3D dots for perfect control in all conditions.” – says Adidas about the X15 cleats.
These boots will be worn by players who dominate the game, like Mesut Özil, James Rodríguez, Oscar, Manuel Neuer and Ivan Rakitić.

Both silos will be seen on the pitch for the first time ever at the UEFA Champions League Final in Berlin on Saturday 6th June. adidas ACE15 and X15 cleats are now available for pre-order at World Soccer Shop.