The Collector Series by World Soccer Shop highlights the stories of those who have continued the longstanding tradition of jersey collecting. Their collections tell the story of family, community and pride in their supporting club. For Melissa Ortiz, her story intertwines these themes into a Colombian legacy.


In 2009, Ortiz made her debut for the Colombian national team. In 2011, she was selected as an alternate in the FIFA Women’s World Cup. In 2012, Ortiz became an Olympian. Now, at the end of her professional career, Ortiz owns one of the most diverse and impressive jersey collections in the United States.

Ortiz grew up playing soccer in West Palm Beach, Florida, only minutes from her current residence in Wellington. Her collection began early on, receiving her first jersey at the age of 12, a youth shirt supporting Leeds United F.C. As her career progressed, her collection began to build. From signed national team kits by teammates to game-worn jerseys at the World Cup, Ortiz’s closet quickly became a part of soccer history.

“I feel like the jerseys I’ve collected throughout my playing career are so meaningful because it shows the development of women’s soccer,” said Ortiz.

Framed on the wall, the game worn jerseys of Ortiz’s collection have a unique aspect as she is the in-game wearer. Her home also features flags and accreditation passes from tournaments all across the world. Truly, Ortiz’s home serves as a museum to Colombian soccer history.

“These jerseys bring me back and make me cherish these times that we as females and women have worked so hard to get these tournaments and play these games that have the space for ourselves to play this beautiful sport,” said Ortiz.

Residing in Florida, Ortiz currently works as the founder of TheSoccerBlogger.com, a content publication site that covers the latest in soccer news from an athlete’s perspective. In addition to writing articles for the blog, Ortiz films vlogs for YouTube and continues her collection in new and exciting places. As she continues to create, her collection will continue to grow.

Ortiz’s collection started at the age of 12 and has developed into a legacy of sentimental value, international accomplishments and lifelong memories. Her collection, like many others began with a single jersey. You can start your collection today at World Soccer Shop.