The Collector Series by World Soccer Shop highlights the stories of those who have continued the longstanding tradition of jersey collecting. Their collections tell the story of community, country and pride in their supporting club. For Donald Wine, his story intertwines these themes into a story featuring the United States National Team’s most passionate fan club.


On June 8, 2008, Wine attended a USMNT match against Argentina and saw a group of willy individuals in the endzone of Giants stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. In the 90th minute of the match, it began to pour rain upon the fans and the stands became even rowdier. In that moment, Wine had only one thought on his mind:

“We should have sat in the endzone.”

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The very next day, Wine joined the American Outlaws and became a part of the nationwide fandom traveling to USMNT games and reciting lively chants.

Currently, Wine serves as the Chapter Co-Chair of AO, attending national team matches and contributing to blog content. While in the end zone, his voice booms over the supporter’s section, announcing chants and encouraging the players on the pitch. At each game, Wine drapes a US jersey from his collection and joins his fellow brothers and sisters.

“Their passion is something that has been an outlet for me. A lot of people who join American Outlaws are people who are passionate but don’t have that outlet to express themselves, to be than a casual fan, to influence the game,” said Wine.

With a collection of over 200 soccer team jerseys, Wine is an American Outlaw leader in apparel. In his home, Wine has filled his closet from end to end in jerseys, some game worn jerseys, some uniquely designed jerseys and a clothes rack full of sentimentality.  Out of his immense collection, Wine claims only one as his favorite: the 2012 U.S. home jersey, aptly nicknamed “the Waldo” due to its red and white horizontal stripes.

“I love jerseys because it’s an expression of your fandom for a particular team or for a particular player,” said Wine.

As a Washington D.C. resident, Wine continues to support the local MLS club and currently dawns the latest jersey of the English transfer: Wayne Rooney. At Audi Field, Wine bring the same intensity to the game, standing and cheering for the entire 90 minutes.

When he’s not attending soccer matches, Wine works as a document review attorney and contributor to SB Nation. But don’t be surprised if he’s sporting a kit under that suit and tie.

For Wine, his collection has meant a lifetime of expression himself and his passion for the game. He received his first jersey as a child from his father and his collection as continued to grow, paralleling his growing enthusiasm. You can start your collection today at World Soccer Shop.