The window of opportunity is small when it comes to striking the perfect shot, placing the perfect through ball, or making the final move to beat a player and even the smallest slip can spell disaster.

This can be losing traction on the field or losing traction inside your cleat and Nike is working to solve the latter problem with the release of NikeGRIP.

NikeGRIP is a dual anti-slip solution that provides better traction between a player’s sock and cleat and between the player’s sock and foot.  The better traction provides better energy return allowing the player to make the play when the moment calls for it.

NIkeGRIP infographic“Athletes tell us that slipping happens as much between the foot and the sock as it does between the sock and the shoe,” Tim Clark, Design Director Nike Socks explained of the new technology. “Our goal was to perfect ‘grip’ both inside and out of the sock to create a unique solution for athletes.”

The solution was to use an ultrafine polyester and increase the surface area to create more contact points between the sock and the foot and cleat.

NikeGRIP close-up

But the idea was only half the solution as Clark pointed out ‘one thing we kept hearing from athletes was that cotton was great’ so making the sock comfortable was a key.  The nanofiber was twisted with traditional fibers used to make socks to create a technologically advanced sock with the feel of a traditional sock.